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Grow your email list. Enroll more students in your online course. Sell your products & services. Attract high quality leads. Get more targeted traffic from the search engines.

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Learn the skills that's necessary for today's competitive digital marketing industry

Whether you're a complete beginner or a veteran marketer, you'll discover practical and actionable strategies in these online courses.

Presented and brought to you by Ryan Cruz who has personally handled and managed thousands of dollars in campaigns and advertising spend.

Google Analytics

You'll be able to dive deep into Google Analytics and use this FREE tool to measure stats that matters for your online business.

Google Tag Manager

Learn how to consolidate your tags into one script. Unlock the hidden and powerful features of this FREE tool from Google.

SEO and PPC (Adwords)

Traffic from Google (both free and paid) are still one of the most highly targeted traffic sources. Discover how to ‘siphon' traffic from Google to your website.

Build a Profitable Blog

It all starts with a blog (we use WordPress). Learn the fundamental basics of that separates those blogs that succeed vs those that fail.

Facebook Advertising

With almost 2 billion users now on FB, it's becoming more and more important today to launch a strong presence on Facebook.

Facebook Video

If you're still not yet using Video on your advertising and marketing campaigns you are missing on a lot of cost benefits and opportunities.

Course Launches

Have you just created your online course or program but didn't know how to sell it online? Discover how to launch it with great results in less than 45 days.

Design and CRO

When you increase the conversion rates of your website you can increase total revenue and sales without increasing traffic.

Want to Become a Marketing Expert?

Enrich your knowledge in digital marketing with proven strategies from veteran marketers and professional bloggers.

Learn by Doing

Easy to follow tutorials. Learn faster.

We've made it simple for you to learn hard and complex concepts. We'll do this by constantly improving and adjusting to the needs of our customers.

Launch It!

You can either do all of the things you've learned here by yourself, or  you can help and ask assistance from the experts.

Our goal is to help you achieve your traffic, leads, and sales goals. 

Achieve your goals

Need more leads? Need more traffic? Need more sales? Yes, you can!

There's a system and process for generating more traffic, leads and sales for an online business and we call that the TRAFFICSALAD™ Funnel Framework.

It's a proprietary system of turning website visitors into qualified leads, then turn those leads into prospects, and nurturing them to become customers. Finally, turning those customers into loyal advocates of your brand and business.

Our brand has grown tremendously in less than a year with the help of this company

There are many companies that don't deliver, and we have spent a long time finding one that does. Can't recommend them enough. Read more.

Mark Lienhard, EvolveGT

300+ New Gym Leads in 30+ days

We have been very happy with everything and have both really appreciated all the work you and your team have done... Read more.

Linton Taylor, F45 Training Burlington


I've heard you've got great digital marketing results for yourselves and your clients, where can I learn more about it?

We are continuously publishing our latest success stories and case studies on our blog. If you're looking for the latest case studies, click the button below.

How is digital marketing changing for 2018?

Mobile has overtaken desktop users. Cookie tracking is not enough to track multi-channel and cross-device conversions. More chatbots and AI. Are you ready for these changes?

How can I get more traffic?

Traffic is the bloodline of any online business. We focus on traffic generation strategies that attracts high-quality leads.

What traffic source has the best ROI in terms of revenue?

Email has been found to be one of the best traffic sources that can bring a huge amount of revenue when done correctly.

What digital marketing strategy is best for me and my business?

Most online businesses will benefit from a Full Sales Funnels Strategy paired with a Paid acquisition strategy to drive traffic.

How can I scale my campaigns?

There are two ways to scale your campaigns. A vertical scale where you spend more on the same category, or horizontal scaling where you expand on other categories. 

We need help. Can you help us?

We'd love to. Let's schedule a quick chat to discover how we could help you grow your traffic, leads and sales online.

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