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  • DropShippers Are Droppingh Like Flies (Don't Make This Mistake)
  • when was the last time you completed the course you paid for
  • The broken course model
  • The "set it and forget it" money-maker
  • Course Structure


    Free Trial Email Template

    This is email template is great for giving your customer a chance to test your product and services with a free trial offer.

    Free Webinar Promo Email Template

    Want to promote your free webinar? Tweak this free webinar promo email template

    Motivate Your Affiliates Email Template

    Want your affiliates to take action and promote your products and services? Try this email template

    The Discount-Coupon Email Template

    Want to run a quick promotion? This discount-coupon email template is the way to go.

    The Overcoming Objections Email

    If your customers are still on the fence, send out this overcoming objections email.

    The Upgrade Email Template

    Want to bump your customer lifetime value? Send this upgrade email to your existing customers.

    The Case Study Email Template

    Want to provide value but at the same time showcase your authority and expertise? Send out these case study email template.

    The Pre-launch Email Template

    Want to launch your product? Learn how to presell and prelaunch with this email template.

    The Last Chance Email Template

    Drive more volume and sales with the last chance email template.

    The Testimonial Email Template

    Do you have social proof, customer testimonials and reviews? You'll love this testimonial email template.

    The Bonus-adding Email Template

    Here's an email template that can help drive more conversions. 

    The Product Review Email Template

    Send this email to learn more about the product or service that you are promoting.

    The Special Offer Email Template

    Send this email if you want a quick promotion with a special offer.

    The Flash Sale Email Template

    A great way to drive tons of traffic and conversions. Use the flash sale email template to craft your message.

    The Free Resource Email Template

    Send this email if you want to provide value and FREE content to your readers.

    Onboarding Email Template

    Send this email if you want to onboard or to continue providing more value to your readers.

    The FAQ Email Template

    Address any objections with the FAQ email. Send this email template.

    The How To Email Template

    This email template is great for educating and nurturing your email subscribers. Provide value to build trust and authority.