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Category #3 : Email Campaigns

Every email has a few important factors to test…

Ideas to test


Subject line : Just like the headline of a sales letter, your email subject line is going to have a big impact on conversion rates. You can test the strength of your subject line by looking at your email open rates.


Your offer : You can rotate different offers at different price points to see which ones convert the best for you.


Your call to action : Test your calls to action – such as creating one with more urgency – to see which ones produce the best results.


When you send the email: You’ll want to do some testing to see what days and times of the day work best to get plenty of clicks and conversions.

Now let's wrap things up...

Your turn

Your assignment for this lesson is to make a plan to test and track your sales letter, ads and emails.

To make your plan, answer these questions:

  • What tool will you use to run your tests?
  • What factors will you test on your sales letters?
  • What factors will you test on your emails?
  • What factors will you test with your ads?


And that wraps up the lessons for the Profitable Traffic That Converts   course!

Work your way through each of the lessons, paying careful attention to complete the assignments at the conclusion of each lesson.


Soon, you’ll have your sales process optimized so you can get the maximum number of orders while helping the maximum number of customers solve their problems and reach their goals.

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