Convertbox helped increase our opt-in rates and email subscribers without any paid ads

Here are just some of the things that I love about Convertbox:


Personalized and Intelligent Targeting Based on Triggers

Do you want to segment your first time visitors and repeat visitors? Want to show a discount offer to your leads only but not to everyone else? Do you want to show a different popup to people based on your CRM's tags? You can easily do that with Convertbox.

Segment your first time visitors via multi-choice funnels

With Convertbox, you can start segmenting your website visitors before they even give you their email address. With multi-choice and multi-funnel, you can direct them to different offers and content based on their answers from your Convertbox.

2-step optin forms for higher conversions

2-step opt in forms works really well because of micro-commitments, or small actions that trains the user to say yes every single time, making them more susceptible to enter their email address when you ask for it. Convertbox allows you to create those 2-step opt in forms quickly and easily.


Build fully segmented lists with tag-based CRMs

If you're using email marketing service providers that are tag-based like ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, Getresponse or Drip, you can segment your new subscribers easily based on different triggers and tag them appropriately. You can also use these tags to trigger specific Convertboxes on your website.

Here's what people say about Convertbox

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