Should you use Clickfunnels?

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Top 3 Benefits of using Clickfunnels

I've compared dozens of digital marketing tools and resources and these 3 benefits are the TOP reasons for choosing Russell Brunson's Clickfunnels software over the competition.


I believe this is the biggest benefit and a huge time saver for Clickfunnels users. You can share and clone entire funnels in just 1 click. I'm sharing several funnels in my bonuses.


Google Analytics is not enough if you want to measure and track the stats of your entire sales funnels. Measure conversion rates at each step and optimize individually.


Because Clickfunnels has been around for at least 4+ years, there's thousands (I believe 60,000+ users already). What that means is that there's more support and features now.

The Answer To The Biggest Question...

You're probably here because you want to know whether you should use Clickfunnels or not. 

I'd like to save you time, frustration and money right now.

Should you use Clickfunnels to build your website, landing pages and sales funnels?

My answer to that is probably NO. 

You'll be able to build websites, membership sites, sales pages, landing pages, optin pages, webinar funnels, etc with other tools like Thrive ArchitectElementor, Divi Themes, and Leadpages

But if you want to deploy funnels quickly (multiple landing pages that are interconnected) or if you would like to leverage funnels that were created by others before, you'll want to use Clickfunnels.

The Shared Funnels as well as the tons of available templates out there are the PRIMARY reasons you'll want to use Clickfunnels. If you use templates and shared funnels for building your sales funnel, that will literally save you dozens of hours. 

If you value your time, then $97-$297/month is definitely worth it.

But it's not just the time savings with Clickfunnels. With a monthly membership, you'll also get an Email Messaging system (which can be connected to your email marketing  software if you're already using one). You'll also be able to create paid membership websites (which can cost another $97/mo easily), a Webinar (and automated Webinar) system.

Also, working with less technology and software solutions will help you get your work done faster because  you don't need to be learning and jumping on other technologies all the time. 

Clickfunnels is an all-in-one solution for business owners

If you need to create sales funnels, membership sites, webinar funnels, lead generation funnels, ecommerce funnels, free plus shipping funnels and more, Clickfunnels can help you with all of these!

If you're STUCK with an idea and you can't execute it to an online business because you're afraid of tech-overwhelm and over-priced business solutions, Clickfunnels might be the answer to your problem. Here's why…

Ryan Cruz

Sales FUNNEL PRO / Clickfunnels EXPERT

Let me Guide You
Here's How To Use Clickfunnels in 4 Easy Steps

Building a complete sales funnel with Clickfunnels is just building your favorite toy blocks like Lego. You just have to add the elements that you need and add them into your sales funnels.

You can choose ANY of the predesigned and conversion optimized sales funnel from their library of templates, or you can pick a sharefunnel.

Choose from a list of beautiful and ready to use landing page designs. You can edit any element and property inside Clickfunnels.

Add your copy, design elements, images, videos, pictures and more. Connect it your email system, CRM or other software for seamless integration. 

Congratulations! You've created your first sales funnel with Clickfunnels. You can now start driving traffic to it using Paid Traffic Methods (Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads), SEO or Social Media. Don't forget that with Clickfunnels, you'll be able to measure the traffic at each step of your sales funnel so you'll know which funnel is working.


Pick a Sales Funnel

The biggest mistake most people make (and what I made) was trying to reinvent the wheel. I tried to create my own super-converting-super-gorgeous sales funnel idea and guess what happened, it flopped!

When you're starting out and if you have limited time and resources, use what's already proven. Pick a proven sales funnel. There's tons of template inside Clickfunnels. Find something that you like and start with that. If you're confused on which sales funnel to start with, go with a nurture or lead generation funnel. Or you can message me if you need help.


Pick a Design

Now that you've chosen the sales funnel that you'd like to build, it's time to pick a design that would match your branding requirements. Don't forget to add the mandatory elements of design: Branding, Logo, Font, and Color.


Make It Yours

Just click on the different rows and elements and edit it to add your own content. You can use swipe files or use Funnel Scripts to create content for your sales funnels quickly.


Publish and Drive Traffic To Your Funnel

Push the Publish button and get your sales funnel live. After making it live, it's now time to drive traffic to your sales funnel and start seeing those leads and sales.

In Conclusion

Clickfunnels is an easy to use landing page and sales funnel platform for those who are serious in creating highly converting landing pages quickly and effectively. Try Clickfunnels Free for 14 Days using the button below.

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