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Are you really just one funnel away to living the life of your dreams, the business that you want, the income that you want?

How did Clickfunnels dominate the “sales funnel” category in 3 years without any outside funding or venture capitalist funding?

Would you like to know if Clickfunnels would work for you and your online business?

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How I discovered Clickfunnels

When Clickfunnels first launched way back in 2014 (beta) and in public 2015, I was one of those who eagerly tried it. But to be honest, it wasn’t that great during that time.

There were a lot of bugs (as with any NEW SAAS/Software) so I kinda put it in the back burner and preferred other tools like Leadpages, Thrive Architect, Unbounce and WordPress when building landing pages and sales funnels.

But fast-forward 3 years (2018 – 2019) and Clickfunnels HAS changed. It took them years to be at a level where it now makes more sense to use it as your “ALL in ONE” marketing tool to build your sales funnels, landing pages, optin pages, thank you pages, membership websites, webinar pages, and more!

In this unbiased review of Clickfunnels, I’m going to be completely transparent here. So I’ll reveal the PROS and CONS of using this tool. My goal is to help you make a decision if this tool is for YOU or not. 

If you decide to go with Clickfunnels, remember that when you get it via my affiliate links below, you’ll also get my Clickfunnels bonuses (without any extra cost on your part). If you don’t decide to go with Clickfunnels too, I’ve provided several examples and alternatives on how to do the things that Clickfunnels does with other 3rd party software.

As part of this full disclosure, I have the FULL ETISON Suite that I’m using to build some of the Sales Funnels here at TRAFFICSALAD and for building the Sales Funnels for my Physical Products Based Business (eCommerce).

Why websites are dead

Advertising costs to drive traffic to your websites are becoming much and much more expensive thanks to a growing number of competitor for attention online.

I used to remember when Google Adwords clicks for highly profitable terms are below $0.50 to a $1. Now, those same terms would cost you hundreds on Google Ads (previously Adwords).

If you’re driving these expensive clicks to your website and they are not converting, that’s a wasted click and an expensive one.

A sales funnel changes that by simply changing the process on how a sales is made.

How softwares like Clickfunnels helped me launch quickly

When you want to launch a traditional sales funnel on WordPress or via HTML, you’ll need to learn coding language like HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. This makes launching these landing pages and sales funnels a HUGE barrier previously.

Softwares and page builders like Clickfunnels solved this huge problem but providing a drag and drop experience to users.

How to use Clickfunnels to grow your company

This is probably the most common question asked by any entrepreneur or online business owner. If websites are dead and if sales funnels are the way to go to build a profitable business in 2019 and beyond, how can I sales funnel grow your company.

Before you get confused with all the techno-babble in this industry, you have to understand that the ONLY way a sales funnel can help grow your company is if the GOAL of your SALES FUNNEL is to solve the 2 problems that I’ve mentioned above.

1. You need more TRAFFIC

2. You need more CONVERSIONS

A sales funnel that works should be able to help you SOLVE these TWO problems, by allowing you to be CASH POSITIVE to buy MORE TRAFFIC (as FREE traffic is unreliable and changes quickly) and then turn those website visitors into leads and sales. 

Sales Funnels can help semi-automate conversions on your website by taking orders and doing upsells/downsells with your offer.

I’ll make sure that there several examples on how this works as this can really be very tricky. I think the reason a lot of people struggle on what type of “sales funnel” to use including myself is because we’re thinking of the “type of sales funnel” first before thinking of our goal.

Our goal should be clear first. Is it to generate awareness? Is it to generate leads? Is it to generate sales? Those goals have different objectives and metrics to measure, and of course different sales funnels to use.

What I loved about Clickfunnels

I didn’t jump into using Clickfunnels for a few years, but when I did, they’ve added a lot of new features and benefits that made life much easier for most funnel builders.

There’s a lot of reasons you’ll love the Clickfunnels software and company. I’d like to share some of my personal reasons why I love and support them.

It can replace your website designer

There are many website builders, site builders and page builders out there. But Clickfunnels is really ONE of the FEW sales funnel software that has the ability to help anyone who is NON-TECH savvy create beautiful landing pages. 

If you want to even skip the design part, you can jump in the marketplace and find HUNDREDS of Clickfunnel Templates that you can easily use to plugin and play inside your Clickfunnels account.

Moving the Section, Row and Elements are easy as Drag and Drop. You can also quickly add codes, scripts, text, images, video and even custom CSS codes into your Clickfunnels account. 

It’s friendly ENOUGH for the Newbie marketer, but ALSO flexible and ADVANCED enough for veteran designers and coders like me.

You’ll save on shopping cart fees

Did you know that not all shopping cart platforms are the same. The ones that are really good would cost you $199/month alone and that’s just the shopping cart platform. 

Which is why I use Clickfunnel’s Shopping Cart Platform to take orders for my online business, with the exception of ThriveCart which I was able to grab at a LIFETIME deal.

You can automate your messaging

I was really excited for this because with the addition of email marketing automation with Clickfunnels, I can ditch one of the fees that I pay for my online business: Email Marketing Software. That can save you as much as $299/month if you have a list of 10-15K or more. 

With the Etison suite of Clickfunnels at $297/month, you’ll get the FULL package with unlimited emails, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited contacts so you’ll definitely be saving in the long term when you use Clickfunnels.

Launch your affiliate program or replace your affiliate marketing platform

Do you want other people to promote your products and services? Do you want to host your own affiliate marketing program? Then the BACKPACK feature of Clickfunnels does that for you.

It becomes your new CRM (sort of)

Pypline (which is a feature that is not yet released) will hopefully replace your CRM and marketing automation tool so that you can close more leads and sales with CF.

Becomes your membership portal

Wasabi (nope, it’s not the spicy sauce in your sushi) is a membership feature that is hopefully going to be a gamechanger when it comes to managing your online courses and memberships online.

Village Impact

Clickfunnels has an advocacy that for every one funnel launched live on Clickfunnels, they donate $1 to build schools in Kenya.

Operation Underground Railroad

Another great advocacy of Clickfunnels helping people to put an END to modern day slavery

Supportive FunnelHacker Community

When you join Clickfunnels, you’re invited to join a community of FUNNEL HACKERS. Funnel Hackers are the ‘misfits’, the ‘rebels’ of the online business.

You’ll have a sense of belongingness, you’ll even have a cool shirt that says ‘Funnel Hacker’ to help you indoctrinate in being a member of the #FunnelHacker Community

Awesome Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Finally, I love the Clickfunnels software and business, because they are very supportive with their customers and affiliates. They really listen and deliver what the market wants.

That’s why their own affiliate program has one of the best structures today! If you want to be a Clickfunnels affiliate, sign up for Clickfunnels here.

What I didn’t like about Clickfunnels

Because the bugs that I’ve encountered in 2015 have already been sold, I really don’t have any problems with the software or web-based service. I love using it.

But probably, the only thing that I didn’t like about Clickfunnels now is that it can be overwhelming to use. If you don’t know how to use it, you’ll end up with an expensive software subscription. 

Because there’s so many books and so many courses inside the Clickfunnels empire, sometimes it’s hard to determine what to do first and where to go next. The good thing is that with a little bit of help, you’ll be able to get started fairly quickly.

In my Clickfunnels bonuses, I’ll help you determine which strategy would be best for your particular situation and what type of sales funnel you should launch.

No help with Traffic Generation

You still need to have a product or service to sell

I have a love and hate relationship with this tool because of bugs and limitations (now over finally)

When Clickfunnels launched way back in 2014/2015 I really didn’t pay a lot of attention to this software because there were a lot of bugs and the software was slow compared to the competitors out there.

But in 2018, after 3 years, the software and the company has grown tremendously and that most of the bugs that I encountered in 2015 are now gone. 

They’ve also included a lot of training in sales funnels which helped me understand how it truly works. Now, with my Full Etison suite, I love using Clickfunnels to help scale and grow my online business. I just wish that I had started sooner and have stuck with building funnels for Clickfunnels.

FAQ for Clickfunnels

I’ve searched the most common questions and looked for the best answers about Clickfunnels and the team that brought this tool to us.

This is probably one of the most common questions that I get when it comes to using Clickfunnels. What can I do with Clickfunnels? And How does it differ from other sales funnel platforms out there like WordPress or Leadpages?

If you’re building a website, Clickfunnels can do that but it’s not the best platform to build a website.

But if you are serious in building a money machine, Clickfunnels is the right option here because this is the platform that’s been designed to help you create profitable sales funnels that have optin forms, thank you pages, upsells, downsells and more.

This is the All In One Marketing Platform that allows you to create everything that you need to sell your products and services online.

There are many different types of sales funnels, and here are just some of the different types of Sales Funnels that you can create with Clickfunnels:

– Lead generation funnels

– Tripwire funnels

– Automated webinar funnels

– Book funnels

– Coaching funnels

and more!

Russell Brunson (@russellbrunson) shared his story on how he built his first online business selling “Potato guns”. It was an interesting project because who would have thought that you can make money online teaching people how to create potato guns.

I can still remember this story from one of Russell Brunson’s keynote talks. How they started Clickfunnels and basically how he hired someone from his email list to basically build the very first backbone software and framework for Clickfunnels.

Basically, Russell Brunson hired Todd Dickerson (the software developer) genius behind Clickfunnels and then took their dream of giving a software that ANY entrepreneur can use to build a successful sales funnel to grow their online business.

That was 3 or 4 years ago. Much have changed and they’ve now taken the Clickfunnels story into one of the fastest, most inspiring online business story I’ve ever heard.

They did start from $0 to $100M+ in the last 3 years without any VC funding. That’s really awesome, because I remember back then when Leadpages got a VC funding of I think $27M+ and that Infusionsoft was a $100M company. 

But those 2 software companies are now behind Clickfunnels. I still have the Leadpages PRO annual subscription, but only until my subscription expires. 

I’m totally switching my sales funnels and landing pages to Clickfunnels.

It’s interesting to see how Russell Brunson and the Clickfunnels Team did it.

But basically if you look at how they did it, it’s because of Sales Funnels! They do practice what they preach and this is why I totally LOVE these guys.

Because in the internet marketing world where there is TOO MUCH hype, they are bringing something fresh on the table at this scale.

If you’re already a Clickfunnels FAN, you already know what i’m talking about, but if you’re NEW here, I want to INDOCTRINATE you to the genius behind everything…

Pricing starts at $97/month to $297/month for the Etison suite. You can also get great deals with bundling like in the Funnel builder secrets special offer.

I’ve heard Russell Brunson say this over and over again with your subscription of Clickfunnels… If you have a Sales Funnel that creates income every single month of at least $97 then the price for the lowest tier plan of Clickfunnels is FREE! 

Prices for a monthly Clickfunnels subscription starts at $97/month up to $297/month which contains everything in their Etison suite including Actionetics, Backpack, unlimited traffic, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited contacts and more! 

It is now called the Clickfunnels Platinum program which includes access to Funnel Flix (a Netflix like streaming but for marketing courses and lessons).

This is the email marketing automation features of Clickfunnels.

Did you know that affiliate traffic or Joint venture traffic from partners and other people in your niche are one of the best sources of traffic for your website?

And with the Backpack features of Clickfunnels, starting your own affiliate program has never been easier.

And because it integrates directly into Clickfunnels, you’ll never have to worry about your sales funnel and affiliate program work and communicate with one another.

When it comes to membership websites, the Wasabi membership feature is definitely something that is worth waiting for. I’m excited how this new type of membership site platform can help with your membership website.

Do you have a CRM software to help you manage your lead and sales process? Clickfunnels will be adding the Pypline CRM feature to help you do just that.

Did you know that affiliate traffic or Joint venture traffic from partners and other people in your niche are one of the best sources of traffic for your website? And with the Backpack features of Clickfunnels, starting your own affiliate program has never been easier. And because it integrates directly into Clickfunnels, you’ll never have to worry about your sales funnel and affiliate program work and communicate with one another.

There will always be questions, tech support and issues that you’ll encounter with any Web-based application or software. The great thing about Clickfunnels is that they’ll be able to support you via their Chat or Ticketing service, and through direct messages in social media platforms like Facebook.

If you are looking for the BIGGEST savings on Clickfunnels, look for the Funnel Hacker or Funnel Builder Secrets offer. This offer will provide with you the training, and the best deal for getting Clickfunnels. 

The Funnel Builder Secrets is probably the best price and deal for an annual Clickfunnels account. But if you’re looking for the best clickfunnels offer, you’ll want to check out my bonuses because you’ll get extra value for the same amount of price you’ll pay at Clickfunnels.

Funnel Hacking Live is the Annual event for all Clickfunnels, including two comma club winners, funnelhackers and all those people who are aspiring to be recipients of these awards. The current funnel hacking live starts on February 19, 2019 and will be held in Nashville, Tennessee!

This is one of the prestigious awards from Clickfunnels. Something that I’ll start working hard for in 2019 – 2020. Getting over $1,000,000 in revenue in your sales funnels built with Clickfunnels will give you this reward.

I think there are currently 300-400+ recipients of this award ever since Funnel Hacking Live started.

The Two Comma Club X Winner is a Similar award to the Two Comma Club award, except, you’ve made $10 Million dollars or more. 

Some people might be wondering if Clickfunnels is a scam or a type of MLM/Network Marketing or even a Pyramid Scheme? I think a lot of people think that way because Clickfunnels has a very attractive affiliate program. A lot of people are drawn to promote it without even using the Clickfunnels software. 

But to set the record straight, Clickfunnels is a FULL, LIVE, WORKING software, so it is not a scam. It’s currently being used by me and hundreds if not thousands of other marketers out there.

Clickfunnels earns it’s revenue not by selling “registrations or memberships” but rather by selling real products (software) that helps people grow and scale their online business.

Clickfunnels alternatives and comparisons

I won’t end this review without revealing the other top competitors for Clickfunnels. There will ALWAYS be people and businesses who would need something different than Clickfunnels but would want the benefits and features it provides.

To be frank, there’s really not a lot of competitor out there right now that matches Clickfunnels success (their $0 to $100M story). And that this solution is more like a band-aid approach as you’re trying to let them communicate with one another.

Either way, here are your options and alternatives to Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels vs Kartra

The first one is Kartra. I’d say that Kartra has more features and less cost than Clickfunnels, but Clickfunnels has built so much buzz and branding in the “sales funnel” category that it will be virtually impossible, difficult or expensive for anyone to beat Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels in this area.

Clickfunnels is obviously now the market leader here, and Kartra is the alternative for those who doesn’t want to use Clickfunnels and save a few dollars each month. But be careful though because the highest tiers of Kartra are capped by traffic and contacts, while Clickfunnels are not. So if you’re doing a lot of traffic and email capture, then you might be paying more for Kartra in the long run.

Clickfunnels vs Builderall

Avoid Builderall for now.

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages

How would I even start comparing this two. They are NOW completely different with some similarities.

Yes, they can both create landing pages, capture leads and process sales, but Leadpages has lagged way behind in terms of support, community and features in the Sales Funnels and landing page category. I would strongly recommend Clickfunnels over Leadpages.

Clickfunnels vs CartFlows

CartFlows only works with WordPress, while Clickfunnels will work with any website via plugin, redirects or CNAME options.

Clickfunnels vs Optimize Funnels

Similar to CartFlows but not able to take payments, Optimize Funnels is for designing and tracking your sales funnel pages.

Clickfunnels vs Wishpond vs Unbounce

Unbounce and Instapage where one of the very first Drag and Drop, web-based landing page software. But they stopped there. 

They added integration, design capabilities, but it’s really not a “sales funnel” software. I believe that Unbounce and Instapage don’t have built-in shopping cart platforms. Avoid Unbounce and Instapage if you’re goal is to build sales funnels. But if you just want landing pages, then Unbounce and Instapage will do just fine.

Clickfunnels vs Wix vs Square

Wix and Square were probably the most popular website builders for a very long time until landing page and site builders like Unbounce, WordPress, Leadpages, etc came along. Again, you can’t compare Wix and Square, apples to apples with Clickfunnels as these two are also not Sales Funnel Softwares.

Clickfunnels vs Thrive Architect vs Elementor PRO

Thrive Architect, Elementor PRO and DIVI Themes (by Elegant Themes) are ALL WordPress page builders. Yes, they can be used to create landing pages and sales funnels, by they are really now sales funnel software. Besides these tools all need WordPress to function, while Clickfunnels is a powerful, web-based SAAS software.

Clickfunnels vs Wix vs Square

Maybe you’re wondering if SamCart, ThriveCart and PayKickstart are similar to Clickfunnels? Just like the WordPress Page Builders, these tools are just shopping cart platforms.

Clickfunnels is an ALL in one marketing tool, that allows creation of landing pages, creation of sales funnels, order processing, marketing email automation and more!

My Exclusive Clickfunnels Bonuses

Congratulations! If you’re still reading up to this section, I know that you’ve been really interested with Clickfunnels. But are still hesitant to take the plunge?

May I entice you and convince you with my Clickfunnels Bonuses?

If you grab Clickfunnels via my affiliate links, here’s what I’ll send you as value-added bonuses (without any extra cost on your part).

1.  FULL access to Sales Funnels That Converts sales training

2. Your Clickfunnels Checklist and Quick Start Guide

3. Your very own Clickfunnels template and website

4. Your very own email scripts and marketing automation

5. Full support in generating Advertising campaigns for your business.