Bramework Review (November 2022) – Fast SEO Content Creation That Works?

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Can this AI Content writing tool assist in creating SEO content faster and easier?

Bramework review

Article creation and blog article writing is a skill that most people struggle with.

Even if you’re great at writing, you probably have limited time each day trying to get your ideas just right.

And even though you may love writing long-form articles, you probably hate editing, which can take up a lot of your valuable time.

Bramework’s AI-based writing assistant makes writing fast and fun.

With its unique AI writing assistant software and technology, Bramework’s AI-writing assistant learns from your writing style and auto-generates new articles based on your existing work.

Official Website:  Bramework (7 day free trial)
Review Rating (Methodology): 4.7 out of 5 stars
: Bramework’s AI-writing assistant will cut your writing time in half while improving your writing.

In fact, Bramework users have reported that their writing times drop as low as 20 minutes per post with many of Bramework’s article summarizer features (which I’ll be revealing shortly).

What is Bramework?

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Bramework is a powerful AI-powered article creation platform that helps writers generate high-quality articles quickly.

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze the structure of text and auto-generate new ideas and sentences.

This means that writers don’t need to write anything manually to get started.

No more staring on black, white screens for a long time.

Instead, words just comes out of the platform.

Though you would still need to run a quality check on the articles created.

The articles created are in natural language and are 100% original.

Writers can save their work and reuse it whenever they want.

They can also preview the article before publishing it. The Keyword Analyzer feature helps with optimizing the article created for SEO. More on this feature later.

Once an article has drafted, you can publish it easily on your WordPress website with its direct plugin integration.

Bramework Content Types

You can find three main types of content created with this software: long articles type of content, short-form (blog posts) and long-form blog content.

Long-form content is typically longer than 500 words, and it includes articles, ebooks, white papers, webinars, etc. Short-form content is usually shorter than 500 words and includes blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, etc.

Long-form blog content is a hybrid between long-form and short-form content.

Long-form articles are great for SEO because it provides Google, Yahoo and Bing with information they need to rank your site.

However, it takes a lot of work to create and publish these long articles.

So, if you’re looking to build your business with limited time and resources, consider creating short-form articles instead.

Short-form content is quick and easy to produce, and it’s perfect for building authority and generating leads. In fact, most people prefer reading short-form articles over long-form articles.

The third type of content is long-form blog content – a combination of long-form and short form articles.

This is where you combine the best qualities of each type of articles to create a unique blend that works well for your business.

Keyword research with Bramework

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If you’re looking for a way to find out what keywords people are searching for online, then you need to use a keyword research tool.

Here are some tools available, including Google AdWords Keyword PlannerSEMRush Keyword explorer toolSEranking and a lot more.

Fortunately, Bramework has its own keyword research module with unlimited keyword search capabilities, powered by SEMrush.

So you won’t need to purchase a separate SEMrush subscription as Bramework already comes with keyword research capabilities.

Simply enter your main keyword, additional keywords or topics in the primary keyword search box and Bramework will show relevant stats for this keyword (including several secondary keywords).

Another benefit of using this tool is that it helps you avoid common mistakes.

For example, if you’re not familiar with SEO, you may think that every word counts equally and that keyword density or keyword trends are not important.

But that’s not true. Some words are more valuable than others.

So, if you’re new to SEO, then you should definitely try this tool. It’s easy to use, and it gives you some great insights.

What people say about Bramework?

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User Case study; Andrei from Romania cut his blog writing and article creation from 2 hours to 20 mins or fewer. This helped him create more articles for his site and clients, and have helped increased site traffic at least 50% in the next few months.

Who is Bramework for?

Content creators, marketers, and freelance article writers who are looking to create high-quality content quickly and easily.

Bramework is a great tool for busy entrepreneurs who want to get their content marketing done quickly and efficiently.

Bramework is also great for small businesses who need to stay organized and article writers who need to be on top of their content marketing and writing.

With Bramework, you can easily create SE optimized content without breaking the bank.

We'll talk more about why I love this tool.

Features I love about Bramework

Bramework AI is a writing assistant that helps writers to keep track of their work and improve their writing skills. 

It has several features that make it an attractive choice for writers.

First, Bramework AI has a comprehensive interface that makes it easy to use. 

It also has several tools that help writers to track their work and improve their writing skills.

Second, Bramework AI is affordable and easy to use, making it a great choice for writers who need help with their writing but don’t have the time or resources to invest in a more comprehensive tool.

SEO Blog Title Generator

This is a great way to come up with catchy and meaningful blog titles that will help your blogs rank to the top of the search results pages (SERP).

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By inputting a few basic details about your business, the software will generate a list of blog titles that are optimized for Google results.

Whether you’re just starting out and don’t have any ideas yet or you’ve been struggling to come up with catchy blog titles, this tool can be very helpful.

SEO Blog Outlines

If you’re looking for an outline to help you with your articles, look no further than Bramework’s Blog Outline generator.

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Their SEO Blog Outlines give you a clear guide on what to write about, recommended topics, and what to include in your content.

Not only will this help you create better content because of the output quality, but it will also help your website increase rankings in search engines while saving time and money.

Remember, you can export this content in any format including html, pdf, txt, and more.

SEO-friendly Blog Posts

If you’re looking to get more followers and readers, you need to publish more SEO-friendly articles.

This means writing contet that include the right search phrase keywords, assistance from artificial intelligence, use proper grammar, and don’t contain spelling errors.

To be SEO-friendly, write SEO optimized blog posts that outline your topic, use long-form content (longer than 500 words), and avoid common mistakes.

Here's several types of SEO-friendly blog, including:

• Long-Form Blog Outlines – These are longer than 500 words and usually include a list of bullet points. They typically take at least two hours to complete.

• Blog Post Titles – These are shorter than 500 words and usually only include a single sentence. They’re great for short blog because they’re easy to write and create a strong call to action.

• SEO-Friendly Blog Post Titles – Similar to blog titles, these are shorter than 500 words but still include a single sentence. However, they’re written specifically for search engines, so they’re optimized for search engine results pages.

You can find examples of each type of blog title by searching Google for “SEO friendly blog post titles.” 

As you can see, you’ll find hundreds of examples of each type of title.

If you want to attract more readers, write SEO-friendly blog titles.

Keyword Analyzer by Bramework

The Keyword Analyzer by Bramework can help you identify the keywords that are most important to your business.


There is no keyword ranking tool and other advanced SEO features, unlike tools like Neuronwriter has some form of Ranking or position checkers. 

By focusing on the right keywords, you can increase traffic to your website and drive more leads through your marketing efforts.

Auto Image Alt Text Generator

Bramework provides an easy way to put Alt Text to your images.

This can help with SEO because the search engines would be able to understand what your image is about based on the Alt Text info provided.

Image Finder

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Bramework has a built-in image finder tool and feature that allows you to find unlimited copyright-free images that for your content and social media posts.

These royalty-free images are sourced from Unsplash, the software for popular photo sharing and photo source website of high quality images.

SEO Analyzer

After creating your initial draft, use the SEO analyzer to check for SEO readiness.

WordPress Integration To Publish Seamlessly From Bramework

WordPress integration into Bramework can help publish your content seamlessly from the platform.

With a few clicks, you can add your content to Bramework and have it published automatically.

This gives you control over your content and ensures that it is always up-to-date.

Additionally, Bramework’s built-in sharing features make it easy to share your content with others.

How to Create A Blog Post in Bramework

I'll show you how easy it is to get started with Bramework.

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Total Time Needed: 60 minutes
Total Cost: 19 USD

Required Tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.
- Keyword Research or Topic Ideas

Things Needed?

- A WordPress Website.
- Keywords to Target
- Main Topic

Steps to Create a Blog Post

Step 1 : Pick what topic or niche you want to write about
Just pick one topic to get started
Step 2 : Research the topic you want to write about
Create an outline and learn as much info about the topic.
Step 3 : Draft your post using Bramework
Create an outline and draft of your document. You can also use the keywords suggested in the SEO tab to help optimize your content for the search engines.
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Step 4 : Edit and proofread your post using grammar tools
It's important to write grammatically correct articles and check for plagiarism too.
Done For You Sales Funnel
Step 5 : Publish your post
It's now time to get your post live and share it to the world!

Cons & Limitations of Bramework

Bramework has a powered writing assistant feature, but in order to deliver outstanding articles and content, it still requires human touch and intelligence. 

You still need to check for fact-checks on your article, check for grammar and errors and create an article that is targeted for your ideal audience.

Bramework is also not a social media post creation management tool or FB post builder. 

It won’t be able to help you schedule your posts, but it can assist you in creating content with its AI generation feature.

Bramework is also not a fully fledged copywriting tool like, Closerscopy or Frase. 

The primary function of Bramework’s AI is to generate paragraph based blog posts, listicles, optimized meta description, meta titles, and how to articles in half the time.

As AI (GPT-3 based) tools get smarter and smarter, we’ll probably see better versions of AI writing tools in the next few months or years.

Bramework Pricing Deals Available

If you’ve been able to get advantage of the lifetime deal from Appsumo, you're lucky because that’s a one time payment that you won’t need to pay monthly for an indefinite period. Get the pricing structure for annual plans or get the lifetime deal if it's still available.

If you’ve missed it, then make sure that you subscribe to be notified about amazing deals I might uncover from time to time. 

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Bramework has some very competitive pricing plans. 

In fact, you can get a detailed pricing plan on their website.

Compared with other expensive pricing deals for similar AI related software, you can save as much as 15% with an annual billing purchase.

With all the prices available on their website, the annual plan seems to be the best deal with user seats and Plagiarism check up to 100,000 words.

If you have an agency and are planning to provide content generation services to other clients, then the “Agency” plan is worth checking out. It contains “unlimited AI generated words”, which are perfect for if you have a lot of articles that need to be written for clients.

If you are looking for a plan for Bramework, make sure you consider the number of words generated by the AI each month. 

Price starts at $19 per month for the most basic plan. I would assume a price of $119 per month is not bad for an SEO software.

The Basic plan allows for up to 10,000 AI generated words each month with 1 user seat. 

The Starter plan allows for up to 40,000 AI generated words each month with 2 user seats. 

The Professional plan allows for up to 100,000 AI generated words each month with up to 4 seats.

And the Agency plan allows for Unlimited AI-Generated words each month with up to 8 seats.

There are some older plans with a 3,000 AI-generated words and a 200,000 AI-generated words but you can’t find them now on the website.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Bramework’s 7 day free trial if you want to try it out first.

Bramework Alternatives

Bramework vs

I have both of these AI generation tools.

I love Bramework’s quick ability to create high quality content. Just highlight some text and you can create paragraphs, steps, listicles and more out of it.

Frase needs more tweaking and steps to make it work. But what I love about Frase is that it’s not just an AI generation software, it’s also an SEO on-page powerhouse.

It has an SEO Add on which can help a lot with SEO. If you want to learn more about Frase, check out my detailed Frase tutorial and review on how to use this software.

Future of Bramework and my wishlist

I think Bramework is an amazing tool and I wish it would have more features.

For instance, I would love to have some customized templates for use with Bramework. 

With Frase and Closerscopy, you can build and launch your own templates that helps you create customized content. Hopefully, this is something that I'll on Bramework too (Own templates and colors).

Bramework Conclusion

I love Bramework, but as I've shown in this Bramework review, it's NOT for everyone. It's not going to give you all the SEO benefits of other SEO content writing tools like Neuronwriter or

But it’s so much faster to use and can really help with creating articles and blog posts. 

It’s not a suitable tool for creating sales pages and copy, but start a free trial today! 

While there are some limitations to Bramework when compared to tools like Frase and Closerscopy, it’s a great software for creating top-quality blog posts in a short amount of time.

If you’re still struggling with creating content, try Bramework for 7 days (Free) and see if it helped you saved time when creating articles

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