BigSpy Ads Spying Tools Facebook, Dropshipping, Youtube & More – Is It Worth It?

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BigSpy Ad Spying Tutorial

Let me show you step by step on how to find the most profitable ads using Bigspy




My most favorite features of BigSpy are the ability to set filters by number (by likes, country, etc), the ability to track and save your results, and the ability to check ads on other Ad platforms.




You can use BigSpy to find ads launched by your competitors, top advertisers in your niche and industry. This tools is a must-have before you launch any type of advertising campaign. 




BigSpy has a FREE plan so you can get started out and try the tool first before committing for a monthly payment. Prices starts at $9/month and you can cancel anytime. Click here for the best deal on BigSpy.


What is this?

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Are you wondering what types of campaigns and ads you should run? Don’t start with a blank slate and wonder if it’s going to work or not. 

When running advertising campaigns, it’s important to MODEL (not copy) on what’s working for others right now. But finding ads that your competitor’s are using or are working for a particular niche and industry can be difficult and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are tools like BigSpy that can help you spy on your competitor’s ads, find out which ads are getting traction, track ads launched on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and more. Get started with BigSpy for $0 Today!

My BigSpy review and experience...

I tried BigSpy, used it a lot and documented my findings...

You’re reading my BigSpy review because maybe you’ve wanted to know which ads are getting traction and engagement so you could MODEL it for your own…

Have you tried running Paid Advertising campaigns before?

Whether it’s on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, etc. you’ll always want to know if there are some tricks and tactics that can help improve your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

While there are many direct and indirect strategies that you can do to help improve your campaigns performance, there’s one tactic that a LOT of people are NOT familiar with…

And that is by SPYING on your INDUSTRY/Competitor’s Ads and figuring out what’s working for them.

I’m not talking about using the Facebook Ads Library to look at the ads that are currently run by an advertiser (typically your competitor).

The problem with the Facebook Ads Library is that you can only use it, if you know the name of the advertiser. If you don’t, then good luck finding the ads that you are looking for in the search box.

What the PROs use instead are Advertising and Spying Tools that has better filtering options so that you can easily find the type of ads that you are looking for.

And one of these spying platforms is BigSpy. In this article, I’ll share with you what I’ve discovered when using the PRO version of this tool (courtesy of the BigSpy team).

BigSpy: Is This Ad Spying Software Worth It?

What is the BigSpy ad spying platform all about?

Over 650+ Million ads have been served by BigSpy, which is why it’s considered as one of the top advertising / spying softwares out there.

Would you rather spend $100 on Facebook ads to know that your ads are not working (no one is clicking and engaging on your ads and offer), or would you rather know what types of offers and copy is working for your niche first before you even launch a single ad?

I prefer the latter. Knowing what works and MODEL your own ads from it, is a better way in my opinion because it will allow you to LAUNCH your campaigns with greater chances of finding a winning campaign.

If it’s working for people who are advertising right now, isn’t there a higher chance that it can work for others too?

I think there is.

Which is why it’s important to start your research with tools like BigSpy.

I’ve saved so much time finding the types of ads that I’d like to run, and it also gave me a lot of ideas on what’s working for my specific niche and industry.

It’s a total WIN-WIN-WIN solution. 

Who should be using BigSpy?

Does it work? Who is it for?

If you’re 99% of online business owners and marketers out there, there’s a good chance you need to drive more traffic to your website. And paid advertising is one of the easiest and fastest way to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

Here’s some instances where you can use tools like BigSpy to speed up your workflow.

Pro Bloggers and Newbie Bloggers

You create content and publish them on your blog

As a professional or newbie bloggers, it’s important to constantly update your website or blog with NEW content.

But sometimes finding content ideas can be quite difficult. But not anymore.

With BigSpy, just click a button and it will show you different ads running. Look for the ads that have the highest likes and engagement (that shows that the audience is interested on that topic) and start creating content for those topics.


You are highly skilled at your craft

Are you wondering what other Freelancers like your are doing online? Just plug their name on BigSpy and find out what ads and types of campaigns are they running?

Learn from what’s working for other freelancers and MODEL from it first.


You support growing brands and businesses

If you’re an agency owner, you’re probably juggling between different clients who are in different niches and industry.

You can easily use BigSpy to find out which ads are working for your client’s niche. You can also start tracking the ads you’ve found on the platfrom and save it for later use.


You help and mentor others to grow and success

There are tons of coaches online, but only a few are crushing it. As a Coach or mentor, people rely on you for expertise and mentorship.

With BigSpy, you can look at what’s working for other coaches and start modeling your own from there.

Why use a tool like this?

Yes, you can use Facebook Ads Library but this is better because you can...

Advantages of using BigSpy

Pros and Benefits

Is there really a FREE version of BigSpy (yes there is, but it might only be available for a limited time. Grab your free account here.

Once you have your account, it’s time to look at the different PROs of BigSpy.

Tracking Feature

Easy to use and it works

Do you want to be able to take note of the ads that you’ve found? With the new tracking feature it allows you to save your ads.

Multiple methods of exporting your book

Pay only once
The most popular exports are PDF and ebook formats like epub, mobi, kindle. I'd recommend that you always export in PDF as you can also upload those PDF files to PDF sharing sites for more traffic.

Reliable Support

via email and chat

I've tested it out and BigSpy and had an awesome customer experience.

Disadvantages of using BigSpy

Cons and Downsides

No software is perfect. But BigSpy can definitely be improved.

Information Overload

Don't overwhelm yourself at first

Pricing Plans Available

Thinking of investing in BigSpy?

You can get started with BigSpy for $0, yes, it’s totally free but with software limitations of course.

Pricing starts at $9/month, jumping to $99/month for a PRO version and up to $399/month or more for the Enterprise accounts.

BigSpy Alternatives

Looking for other options?

Can’t decide yet? That’s ok, here are some options and how much they cost.

BigSpy vs PowerAdSpy

Another alternative to BigSpy
Very similar tools, but I prefer to use BigSpy because of it's usability and features.

BigSpy Conclusion and Summary

My final thoughts...

Congrats! If you’ve been reading up to this point, you’re probably wondering what’s the summary or my conclusion.

Here it is:

BigSpy is a powerful, yet easy to use Ad Spying software with over 650+million ads in it’s database (and growing). I strongly recommend that you sign up for a free account today!

Disclosure: My work and this site are supported by affiliate commissions, so I may earn a commission if you decide to sign up later from one of these platforms. Thank you! More info here.

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