13+ Best Sales Funnel Builder, Software & Tools (2020)

Don’t choose a sales funnel builder or software without reading this detailed comparison of the best sales funnel subscription and tool for 2020.
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    Do you want to know how to build your first sales funnel the right way? Are you looking for the best sales funnel builder or software right now?

    As a digital marketer and Pay Per Click professional working for several agencies here, I've used and tried almost ALL of the sales funnel builders, landing page software, and marketing tools available today.

    According to Google, consumers are moving faster, and are jumping from one channel to another channel (desktop vs mobile vs video, etc) and researching information more often in very different methods and ways.

    sales funnels are NOT linear.

    And it's often portrayed to be as simple as this diagram and layout.

    But that seldom doesn't work. A sales funnel is MORE COMPLICATED than a linear structure like this.

    And because of how people's habits have changed on how they browse and research online, it is really more like this:

    This is an ACTUAL high-ticket funnel from one of the most popular consulting programs in 2018/2019.

    You can find more about these funnels inside the VAULT, a premium addon from Funnelytics.

    It's important that the sales funnel builder you choose to use has the right marketing automation triggers to send the right message at the right time.

    Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which means that I'll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase any of the tools I recommend on my site. Nevertheless, these are the tools that I've tried using when it comes to building sales funnels. You can read my full disclaimer and disclosure here.

    Kartra Review

    #1 Sales Funnel Builder in 2020

    If you are in a hurry and would like to know my #1 sales funnel builder and top pick among this list, it's KARTRA. It has the best features as a sales funnel builder, combined with powerful marketing automation tools and decent pricing plans.

    12+ Sales Funnel Builders in 2020

    My #1 sales funnel builder for 2020

    I've been using these sales funnel software and landing page builders ever since they've launched.

    And it's interesting to see who is the market leader nowadays and why. So let's get started with the #1 sales funnel software in 2019 and why it's #1

    #1 Kartra by Genesis Team

    Kartra was launched I think sometime in April of 2017. It's barely new but it's already getting a lot of traction. This software is from the guys who created EverWebinar and WebinarJam, two of the most popular webinar platforms today.

    I'm putting it at number 2 because I believe it's a powerful alternative to those who don't want to use Clickfunnels or are looking for something different.

    Click here to try Kartra for $1
    Read my complete review and bonus for Kartra

    My Kartra assessment on the 5 criteria:

    Years in business – Kartra is barely 3 years old, but the Genesis team including Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins has been around for quite some time in the internet marketing niche. I've promoted some of their products in the past.

    Benefits and Unique selling proposition – When you look closely at Kartra and what Clickfunnels has to offer, it would seem that Kartra is more advanced and with more features, but are they features that are “necessary” or “nice to have”?

    One of the features that I really like about Kartra is it's ability to import a “Done for you” Funnel which includes every funnel, email and marketing automation. I've only been able to access one “Done For You Funnel” by Frank Kern's book. It would be nice if they would have more “Done for You” Features templates inside Kartra.

    All in One Solution – Just like Clickfunnels, Kartra has an all-in-one solution approach. Although you have to be careful and pick the right plan because there are different pricing tiers based on how many subscribers you'll have.

    Ease of use – I'll be honest, it's not as user-friendly as I thought it would be when compared with Clickfunnels. The landing page builder looks and feels like an old WordPress visual page builder. So if you've used those before, you know how clunky it would feel. But because it's a hosted solution, with enough time and practice, you'll get used to it.

    Affordability – When you choose the annual or bi-annual plans, you can get huge savings. But you can get started at $99/mo with a $1 trial for 30 days. Of course, if you want to build your online business, 30 days is not enough and it's just for barely getting started. Their pricing plan is in line with Clickfunnels and I think it's because they need to provide all of these features and bandwidth to existing and new subscribers. If they've priced it too low, I'll be concerned with the long term viability of this software.

    Click here to try Kartra for $1
    Read my complete review and bonus for Kartra

    #2 Thrive Architect (part of Thrive Themes)

    I've been a Thrive Themes user since 2015, and have used their suite of WordPress plugins on almost all of my websites.

    By far, the plugin that I've used the most is Thrive Architect. It's a WordPress plugin that's able to create landing pages which you can combine to create your own sales funnel.

    Click here to try Thrive Architect
    Read my complete review and bonus of Thrive Themes (Thrive Architect included)

    My Thrive Architect assessment on the 5 criteria

    Years in business – Shane Melaugh the guy behind Thrive Themes has been one of the top SEO marketers for quite a long time. He is the guy behind Hybrid Connect, another popular plugin that was now replaced by Thrive Leads (part of the Thrive Themes suite). The Thrive Themes suite has been around since 2014/2015 so it's been one of the oldest and most popular WordPress suite of plugins today.

    Benefits and unique selling proposition – Just like Clickfunnels, the goal of Thrive Themes is to be your all-in-one solution for most of your WordPress needs. They have a lead generation plugin, a testimonial plugin, a commenting plugin, a countdown timer plugin, a split-testing plugin, and a widgets plugin.

    All-in-one solution – When it comes to building sales funnels, you'll be able to use almost all of the plugins inside the Thrive Themes suite of plugins. You won't have full funnel tracking capabilities to measure traffic and conversion rates in each step of your funnel, but you can use funnel-mapping tools like Funnelytics PRO to do that. And you'll have to make sure that each step of the sales funnel connects to the right landing page. You'll also need to have a CART processor like ThriveCart to process payments and take orders online.

    Ease of use – Since these are WordPress plugins, you'll need to know how to install, update and use WordPress. But once you know how to use WordPress, it's very easy to install and use these plugins.

    There's also a Thrive University that contains a lot of information and knowledge bombs on how to build your online business and sales funnels.

    Affordability – The annual cost of Clickfunnels and Kartra alone is around $1,000+ but with the complete annual membership of Thrive Themes, you'll only around $228 for the personal license or $588 for the agency license (if you want to build for client websites)

    #3 Leadpages (acquired by Redbrick)

    Okay so let's quickly talk about Leadpages.

    The most important thing that I've learned from using Leadpages is that it is very easy to use when compared to the other landing page softwares and sales funnels builders out there right now.

    I've also noticed that Leadpages has a ton of templates that are designed to turn more clicks into customers.

    Leadpages are able to do this because they have years of experience in conversion-optimized design.

    They've actually built a platform that is 100% mobile responsive and that loads very quickly so that your users and website visitors will have a great website experience.

    The best features that I like from using Leadpages are designed to help boost your conversion rates.

    It doesn't have complicated analytics. You can easily make a decision of what's working or not based on their simple analytics dashboard.

    It also has an easy to use, and unlimited split-test capabilities, including A/B testing.

    You can use dozens of pre-made templates without writing a single line of code.

    But probably one of the biggest reasons to use Leadpages is that it is one of the platforms that doesn't limit your traffic and landing pages you create.

    Leadpages can also integrate with almost any third-party platform. If a direct integration is not available inside Leadpages, you can always check Zapier and integrate it from that.

    #4 Autofunnels by Getresponse

    When I first heard that Getresponse has launched their own sales funnel software I was really hesitant and at the same time curious to check it out.

    I've known Getresponse as an email marketing platform but never as a landing page builder or sales funnel software.

    I looked into Auto funnels and how it differs from other sales funnel builders out there.

    One thing struck me immediately, the ability to generate your sales funnels really quickly.

    I really love their tagline which is “You fill in the blanks and we do all the heavy lifting for you”.

    It was really enticing for me because again a lot of people including myself struggle with what content to write or to add on your landing pages and sales funnels.

    To have something auto-generated for you pretty much is a no-brainer.

    So I signed up for an account at Getresponse to test the Autofunnels feature and then created my first automated sales funnel.

    It's actually not bad for an automated sales funnel system.

    Obviously you still need to do some tweaking, like you editing some of the copy and adding your design elements.

    You also need to make sure that the emails that it auto-generated are relevant for your target audience and email subscribers.

    #5 Optimize Funnels by Optimize Press

    One of the reasons that people might consider Optimize Press and Optimize Funnels (which is an add-on plugin for Optimize Press 3) is because you're already using Optimize Press 1, 2, or 3.

    If you're already using those platforms then you've probably got an email that they are launching their first TRUE sales funnel builder known as Optimize Funnels in their highest-tier plan.

    What I loved about this is that you OWN your entire sales funnel system since this is installed and built on your own WordPress website.

    The cost for Optimize Funnels is currently at $199/year (you'll get a prorated discount if you are an existing subscriber of Optimize Press).

    That cost is still very low when compared to monthly and annual costs of tools like Kartra or Clickfunnels.

    Another alternative to Optimize Funnels is Cartflows which is also part of this list and article.

    What I also loved about Optimize Press and Optimize Funnels is that they have gorgeous templates and conversion-optimized designs.

    And they've also solved a lot of the page speed issues that the previous versions of Optimize Press 2 are known for.

    The NEW version of Optimize Press (3) is much faster and as you can see has higher Page Speed scores than before.

    #6 Elementor PRO + Ultimate Addons

    Elementor PRO is not really a sales funnel builder but is really a WordPress Page Builder. It is one of the tops and most downloaded WordPress plugin for creating landing pages and designing gorgeous websites.

    If you've used Thrive Architect before, you'll notice that Elementor PRO has similarities with Thrive Architect.

    I prefer to use Elementor PRO if I want more templates available for quick download into my websites.

    I prefer to use Thrive Architect when an entire website is integrated with the Thrive Themes suite of plugins.

    #7 ThriveCart

    ThriveCart has been a game-changer in the world of shopping cart platforms because they've made purchasing ThriveCart really attractive.

    Currently, you can get ThriveCart for a ONE-TIME single payment only. Compare that with other shopping cart platforms like SamCart which charges at least $99/month to use their platform.

    Thrive Cart is really not a sales funnel software, but with the recent addition of its customizable sales funnel checkout page, I've included it here as it's a viable alternative to complicated sales funnels.

    #8 CartFlows + WooCommerce (Free)

    CartFlows is a product from one of the growing WordPress blogs today, WP Crafter. Adam from WP Crafter has created this software because he felt the need for WordPress websites to be able to create their own sales funnels without relying on third-party systems.

    #9 SamCart

    Samcart has been around for quite some time. They are much older than ThriveCart and for quite some time, been a popular choice for course creators and online coaches because of it's simplicity.

    They've recently launched the ability to create customized sales funnel checkouts.

    #10 Unbounce

    Unbounce is probably one of the first landing page software that I've ever used. It is robust enough to be used in an enterprise setting, yet simple enough for anyone to use.

    #11 Instapage

    Instapage has a great reputation for making simple and fast landing pages. You can connect these landing pages and that makes Instapage a sales funnel builder tool too.

    #12 Simvoly

    I've tried and bought the LIFETIME option for Simvoly. I've tested it and have created my own funnels with it.

    #13 Zipify – Shopify Apps for Ecommerce

    If you're on an ecommerce website, it's important that you have a sales funnel to upsell your customers on autopilot.

    #15 Clickfunnel s

    What are my criteria for choosing the best sales funnel builder?

    • Years in business – How long have the software been around. Generally, the longer it is, the more stable the software has become. We also want to make sure that it's been updated with the changes in technology and web updates.
    • Benefits and Unique Selling Proposition – We also want to make sure that it has the features and benefits that are truly beneficial in building an online business. What is it's unique selling proposition? What makes it unique than the other sales funnel software out there?
    • All in one solution – Does it provide alternative solutions to most of the software needed to run a successful sales funnel? Or do you still need other tools and software to “glue” all things together?
    • Ease of use – Is it easy to use even for a beginner? Does it require advanced knowledge in web design, landing page design and sales funnel design in order to be able to launch something new?
    • Affordability and Cost-effectiveness – lastly, how does the pricing compare with others? Is it cost-effective? What's the most practical solution for beginners?

    What Are Sales Funnels?

    A sales funnel is a collection of landing pages that includes a combination of opt-in pages, webinar pages, thank you pages, sales pages, membership pages, upsell pages, etc where the common goal is to drive people into a series of steps that turns people into website visitors, then into leads, and then into customers.

    Sales funnels have been around ever since man learned how to sell something. We might just not know it. One of the best analogies around the difference between a website and a sales funnel is when you look at a local store.

    A website is kinda like a store employee that waits around for new customers to come in. Once they are in your store, they passively wait for people to “ask them” around. If people leave the store without purchasing anything, they'll probably not even notice.

    On the other hand, a “sales funnel” is kinda like your top-performing sales agent. When you have your top “sales guy/gal” in the store, there's a huge influx of sales. It's because you're top salesperson does this. When people enter your store, they are immediately greeted with a warm welcome by your top salesperson. They ask the potential customer, how they are and compliments them, and helps find out what they need. Your top salesperson then directs the potential customer to the right path based on what they are looking for, and finally, your top salesperson helps close the sale by making the shopping experience a personalized one.

    I hope that analogy makes sense. A sales funnel is focused on “ONE THING” and usually that is to get a sale, and maximize the potential revenue from a customer. A website, on the other hand, has MILLIONS of OPTIONS that usually just distracts the lead into becoming a customer.

    How do I create an online sales funnel?

    Today, you'll learn what's needed to create a highly effective sales funnel. In order to be able to launch your sales funnel, you'll need to have the following:

    1. You need to have an Offer to promote – An offer is not the same as a product. A product is a tangible piece, product or service that you provide. An offer is an irresistible package of the product that entices that person to buy it from you.

    2. You need to be able to have the right COPY and messages in each part of your sales funnel – Writing copy is where a lot of people gets stuck as they don't know what messages to put in each part of their sales funnel. I'll show how you can create copy for your funnels even if you're not a copywriter or hiring an expensive one.

    3. You need to use a sales funnel software to help build your sales funnels – We'll dive deep into the top 5 sales funnel software available today and let you decide what's best for your particular needs

    What are the different types of sales funnel software or builders?

    There are 2 major types of sales funnel builders. The first type and the most popular one are the hosted or provided as software as a service. It's usually sold at monthly or annual subscription.

    You basically pay for a monthly fee to use the sales funnel software. The most popular software in this category are Kartra and Clickfunnels.

    What are the best hosted sales funnel softwares?

    The best-hosted sales funnel software and builders are #1 Kartra followed closely by Clickfunnels.

    What are the best self-hosted sales funnel builders?

    The best self-hosted sales funnel builders are integrated inside WordPress and they are Optimize Funnels (by Optimize Press) and Thrive Themes.

    What are the most practical sales funnel builder?

    The most practical sales funnel builder is the one that you will be using. For some people, paying a monthly fee is nothing compared with the time that they'll be able to save when using that subscription platform.

    What's your favorite funnel software?

    Now back at you, what's your pick? What are you using right now?

    Let me know in the comments below.


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