Use an ebook creation software that allows you to…



  • Import content quickly from any sources
  • Edit and tweak your content quickly
  • Publish a PDF version quickly (or any other ebook file format)
  • Create a professional ebook design
  • Create a 3D Mock up version of your ebook
  • Allows you to quickly format and layout ebook design of top calibre
  • Can create different file formats, like PDF files, EPUB formats, Word Docs
  • Can work on any desktop and mobile device (Android, iPhone, Windows)
  • Can add fonts easily, add hyperlinks & export into multiple versions quickly


And there are TONS of tools and software out there that can do this…

But the problem is, it's difficult to find the right one at the RIGHT price. Not anymore. This is why I've created this article and blog post: The Top and the Best eBook Creators and Softwares in 2020 (and beyond).

I've done the hard part of research and testing what works and what doesn't, so you don't have to… If you're ready, let's get started with the most popular ones…

My Personal favorites… eBook Creation Softwares

Designrr Overall Rating: 4.9 Designrr is my top and #1 pick when it comes to ebook creation software.

It has most features needed in creating gorgeous ebooks & more!

Get Designrr$27


Overall Rating: 4.7 I've picked Beacon as a budget pick, because it's the only ebook creation software that has a FREE ($0) option. You can sign up for an account here. Beacon has no LIFETIME deal as of this moment.

Get Beacon$49/month


Overall Rating: 4.8 Sqribble was launched a couple of years ago and is an easy-to-use ebook creation software that can help you create your first ebook, whether it's a free ebook or a paid one.




  • Web-based, no software to download




  • No training on how to generate more leads with it
  • No training on how to get more traffic


ConClusion Designrr as my Top and #1 pick as an ebook creation software because it has surpassed most of the requirements that I'm looking for when it comes to choosing the best ebook creation software.

And the price point for the Designrr software is only $27 lifetime, you can't beat that. But it's only available right now, and we don't know when this offer would end.



  • Has a FREE option available
  • Ability to add scripts and pixels for tracking and conversions




  • Free version is limited with the upgrade option
  • Limited ebook formats available


ConClusion I've picked Beacon as a budget pick, because it's the only ebook creation software that has a FREE ($0) option.

You can sign up for an account here . Beacon has no LIFETIME deal as of this moment.



  • Unlimited pages available when creating your ebooks
  • Lots of templates and 300 style layouts
  • Commercial license included so that you can sell to your clients and customers
  • Includes agency website so that you can start dropservice business
  • Software-as-a-service, web-based service
  • Nothing to install on your computer




  • No ability to add tracking scripts like Beacon PRO
  • Limited ebook designs and templates


ConClusion If you're looking for an alternative to both Designrr and Beacon, Sqribble might be one of the options you can consider. Sqribble is backed by Clickbank's popular 60-days money-back guarantee.

Click here to try Sqribble today!


  • Create beautiful, page-flipping ebooks
  • Add multimedia content on your ebooks like video, audio, etc
  • Lots of initial templates and designs
  • Ability to be used on any device
  • Upload in the cloud and embed into any area on your website




  • No ability to add tracking scripts
  • Limited ebook designs and templates


ConClusion A flipbook is an interesting 3D rendition of your PDF or ebooks. It allows for enriched access to interactive media that includes video, audio, links and more. It's shareable in any device.



  • Setup and Sell your ebooks creation easily
  • Sell on any format
  • Creation tools that are flexible to use
  • Can be printed as you go
  • Total creative controls




  • Not a standalone ebook creator which can be confusing


ConClusion Blurb is not just a tool and service to create ebooks and transform your ideas into digital media. It's also a tool help you create magazines, wall arts and more!



  • Single app for writing, editing and arranging your document
  • Import from popular apps
  • Best screen writing software




  • Not a dedicated ebook creator


ConClusion Scrivener is one of the most popular screen writing apps used by a lot of writers, editors, authors, novelists and content creators.



  • Extra cloud storage for storing files
  • Advanced security to protect your documents and files
  • All-in-one document and presentation suite
  • Integrated with all your devices, mobile, tablet and desktop




  • Not a standalone ebook creator


ConClusion Microsoft 365 is the latest suite of Office productivity tools from Microsoft. Chances are you're already familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel. You'll most likely use Microsoft Word to create your ebooks and save them as PDF files.



  • Allows to create interactive ebooks easily
  • No credit card required for free license to try
  • Ability to export in multiple formats
  • Secure delivery to your users in any device




  • Not a web-based app. You have to install their software which can cause issues on old computers


ConClusion If you've always wanted to know how people are able to create highly interactive ebooks and lead magnets, with the ability to publish it in different formats like PDF, epub, and more, then you'll want to learn more about Kotobee.



  • Allows you to monetize your ebooks and digital creations
  • You can add trial limitations
  • Security and protection to prevent people from stealing your ebooks
  • Ability to be used as a standalone EXE ebooks – HTML webpages




  • Not a web-based app, you need to install software


ConClusion Don't be intimidated by the old design of their website (looks like a 90's website), but the eBook Maestro has the ability to protect your ebooks so that no one can steal them (or at least discourage pirate thieves). It also allows you to create stand-alone EXE ebooks from websites or HTML pages.

Pages by Apple



  • It's free for Apple users
  • Gorgeous templates
  • Fast and easy to use interface
  • Native-app and software for Mac devices




  • No Windows version available, sorry PC users.


ConClusion Apple has released their own document processor and with icloud you can easily sync it to your Apple Devices and even read it on your app like iBook, Google Drive, etc.

Google Docs by Alphabet Inc



  • It's free for personal use
  • Nothing to install
  • Easy to use interface
  • Works with your Google account




  • Powerful features available on Gsuite Business plan


ConClusion Google Docs is entirely free (there is a paid option with Gsuite). You can use Google Docs as part of your process for creating and ebook publishing, but it's limited to just a document processor.



  • Easy to use ebook manager
  • Save time managing your collection
  • Download news and magazines from the web
  • Great ebook viewer




  • Not really an ebook creator but an ebook management tool


ConClusion Not really a professional ebook creator, but worth mentioning as it's another way to organize your ebook collection. It allows you to edit and manage them as well.

Conclusion and Summary

Thanks for reading this article on the best ebook creation softwares (in 2020). Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments below.

If you're wondering how you can start building your email list using lead magnets, ebooks, and freebies, check out the best email list building tools to use If you're just starting out, you might want to pick a reliable email marketing service provider first because it's critical that you know which one will help you reach your goals.

What is the best format for your ebook?

It depends on where you plan to use your ebook. If you plan to publish it on your website, then a downloadable PDF is the best option as PDF files can be viewed on any Mac or PC machines.

If you are planning to publish it on Amazon Kindle, then choose Kindle formats. Also, when formatting your ebook, you'll want to consider the file size. A smaller file format size is preferred because it will load faster even on slower internet connections.

Some ebooks file formats available are PDF, ePub file format (with epubee maker).

How to write an ebook?

When you use any of the ebook creation software that I recommended above, you'll find different ways to get started with writing your ebook. I prefer using an outline rather than starting with a blank screen.

What can an ebook be about?

An ebook can be about anything. But instead of writing about anything, think of something that can either be entertaining, inspiring, educational or a combination of the three.

Why do you need to create an ebook?

You need to create an ebook to be able to reach more people with your message. Because it's in digital form, the path to resistance in accessing your ebook is almost ZERO (as long as they have an internet connection and the ability to open/read ebooks).

The next purpose and reason for creating an ebook is to be able to build trust and rapport with your readers. An ebook, when done correctly can help demonstrate your expertise without any sales pressures or tactic. If they found value on your ebook, then people would be more excited to check out your products and services.

What are the benefits of an ebook?

An immediate benefit of ebook is the cost to create them and the value that they can provide for your brand and business when done correctly. With the tools that I've shared above, you'll save money creating your ebooks, but you'll also save a lot of time because these tools will allow you to create your ebooks faster and easier.

How to write an ebook fast?

If you have a Microsoft or Windows based PC, you can use Microsoft Office 365 (MS Office Word Processor), which is a paid subscription as a document processor to create your ebooks. Or you can try any of the ebook creation software that I've recommended in this article to help you outline, edit, tweak and publish your ebooks fast.

If you're using an Apple computer like a MacBook Pro or an iMac, you can use the built-in document processor called “Pages” to start creating your ebook. Your iPhone and iPad also has an App called an iBook which can store ebooks into your mobile phones, so Apple devices are very versatile as well. Nevertheless, if you want a tool that is specific and designed to creating ebooks fasts, check out Designrr or any other ebook creation software above.

If you're using a LINUX based machine, it's best to pick an ebook creator software that can run online or entirely web-based so that you can just use it using your web browser.

What software do writers use?

Writers use different types of software to write their manuscripts. A popular option is Scrivener which is a very popular platform for writers and screenwriters alike and works on both Windows and Mac based machines. You can also check out the other tools and writing software available in this article.

What are the best tips when writing your first ebook?

The most important tip when writing your first ebook is to just get started. If you don't get started, you won't be able to finish your ebook. As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take”.

So don't be afraid to get started.

Use an outline rather than staring in front of a blank screen. Better yet, use a previous article as placeholder or something that you can use to help outline your ideas.

Create your first draft QUICKLY. This is key. Don't overthink it, but don't publish your first draft. Sleep on it. Then review and edit it again with a fresh mind.

You'll be amazed at what you can edit/tweak with a fresh mind. The initial burst of ideas in the first draft would allow you to be open to anything that comes into mind.

This would unleash your creativity, but the editing process would require more logical thinking and thus requires more patience.

Once reviewed, if you're comfortable with it, hit the publish button. If you want to take it to another level, hire or have someone proofread your ebook before marketing and promoting it. Good luck!

What are the best ebook readers today?

The best ebook readers today are from Amazon, the Kindle tablet and from Apple, the ipad are what I consider as the best ebook readers in the market today.

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