Do you want to be able to grow your list of email subscribers?

Do you want to grow your audience online and build a loyal following?

Do you want to be able to grow your online income by selling your products and services in your email list?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this article is FOR YOU!

What is Email Marketing Automation?

You may have already known what email marketing is all about. It's a great way to build trust, rapport and communicate with your ideal prospects, leads, subscribers and customers.

But what's email marketing automation?

It's a more advanced type of email marketing method that allows more personalized type of messages and events to be sent or triggered based on the last action your subscribers took.

It's a powerful way to increase engagement and subscriber activity because it's much more specific than just sending a regular email autoresponder message.

One example of email marketing automation strategy that's really popular is called cart or checkout abandonment.

The way it works is simple. If a person abandons checkout or completion of their cart and didn't complete their order. You can then send an abandoned cart email within 1 hour to 24 hours. 

This type of email marketing automation is just one of the many examples that you can do with your marketing automation software (I'll share my top 3 software that I recommend you use).

Why is Email Marketing Automation Important?

CONVERTKIT is NOW SEVA – A Review of a Real User​​​If you're already using email marketing, that's great! But you maybe wondering, why is it important to do email marketing automation?

It's because email marketing has become more competitive and that the old way of doing it has become less and less effective.

What is the open rates of your previous email marketing campaigns? Less than 10-20% probably. 

Email marketing automation cna help change that.

By sending more relevant messages. 

The Top 3 Email Marketing Automation Tools To Try

After using and testing dozens of email marketing automation tools, I can only recommend these 3 tools to try. I've based this on their features, pricing, usability and overall effectiveness.

The number 1 email marketing tool that I recommend is Drip, followed by ConvertKit then Activecampaign.

Read my review of the #1 Marketing Automation Tool Drip Here

Read my review of the #2 Marketing Automation Tool ConvertKit Here

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