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Are you struggling to write great copy for your sales funnels, emails, VSL scripts, webinars slides, Google™ ads, Facebook™ ads and more? 

Did you know that one of the copywriting legends, Eugene Schwartz told that “Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.”

And one of the copywriting tools that can help you “assemble great copy” is AutomaticScript, a copywriting software…

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 out of 5 stars

Most people ignore copywriting on their sales pages and wonder why they are barely making a sale…

In this AutomaticScript review and in-depth article, I’ll show you how it's possible for anyone to write or assemble great copy without hiring expensive copywriters or becoming a copywriter.

Learning how to write great sales copy also known as copywriting takes a lot of time (and practice). 

First, you need to find a great copywriting course to learn from (I can recommend some to you if you like), and you need to dedicate time to read a book or learn the course. And last, you need practice and that alone can take you years. 

Copywriting is a skill that you slowly develop with time.

So you’re left with the option of hiring copywriters that charges thousands which can easily drain your bank account. 

Not a good option for most people who have online businesses that are just starting out.

Fortunately, there’s AutomaticScript. 

A copywriting software that is a MUST HAVE arsenal for any online business owner in 2021 and beyond. Just watch this video below and I’ll show you how easy it is to use.

Why use a copywriting software like AutomaticScript?

I’ve already mentioned why you need copywriting and great copy content on ALL the pages and parts of your website and sales funnel. 

Without great copy, it would be difficult to convert website visitors into leads and into leads. 

And for 99% of online businesses, that’s the goal, convert website traffic into leads and then into sales.

Using a copywriting software eliminates the need to learn copywriting yourself the traditional way and it can also help with minimizing the mistakes made by beginner copywriters. 

Instead of using courses and copywriting books to master copywriting, you’ll use software to shortcut your learning curve. 

And because it’s a web-based software, you can easily access it on any device, anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

There are many Copywriting Softwares out there, and I’ll share a demo and tutorial on the most popular ones. 

But I’d like to introduce you to one of the TOP copywriting software that I use almost daily… AutomaticScript.

What is AutomaticScript?

AutomaticScript is a web-based copywriting software created by Brad Callen (a marketing expert since 2002) that has helped countless beginner and veteran marketers create great copywriting content with no need for hiring expensive copywriters. 

It’s important to have a great copy on ALL the parts of your sales funnels because it’s one element of an effective sales funnel strategy.

AutomaticScript has helped lessen the mistakes made by most beginner copywriters, and that includes not being able to use proven copywriter frameworks, no cohesive train of thought on their copy, and not being able to start right away.

A lot of beginner copywriters and content marketers struggle with the dreaded “blank-screen” causing writer’s block. 

AutomaticScript is your shortcut to writing great copy without spending years learning copywriting or hiring expensive copywriters that can quickly drain your savings. 

For a low payment, you can get instant access to highly converting copy frameworks and start creating copy for ALL pages and steps of your sales funnel. 

Who would benefit from using AutomaticScript?

Almost anyone who has an online business, a blog or a sales funnel would need great copywriting to convert website visitors into sales. 

So most people, including those who are veteran marketers can benefit from using a copywriting software like AutomaticScript to help them write better copy, faster and easier.

But here’s a list of who can benefit the most from using AutomaticScript

Course creators – If you’re creating courses and programs and if you want to sell your courses and enroll more students, you need to create compelling copy to convert potential students into buying your course. 

There are many steps of your course sales funnel that needs a lot of great copywriting. From your optin page, to your sales page, VSL, and even webinar slides. 

All of these content can be created using AutomaticScript.

Freelance Copywriter – If you’re writing copy for other people and you’re getting paid because of your expertise to create copy that converts, then you’ll want to take advantage of using a copywriting software like AutomaticScript because it can help streamline your process. 

Get the Enterprise plan (It has more templates and it will allow you to create your OWN copywriting templates).

Digital Advertisers and Ad buyers – If you’re a Paid advertiser and digital ad buyer, you know how important split-testing is and creating copy that gets that click. 

Using AutomaticScript can help streamline that process so that you can convert more website visitors and be more efficient with your advertising campaigns.

How to create copy that you need

Watch the video above and see how I created an email series in just a few clicks. It’s really that simple. You just need to follow a few steps, enter information, click save and done!

Using AutomaticScript is quite simple, simply create a new project, choose a template (more templates in the Enterprise version) and follow the prompts or fill-in-the-blanks.

Once you’ve filled out everything, click save and then click next. The software will then create your copy in a format (Doc or PDF) that you can download.

I simply save them inside my AutomaticScript account and copy-and-paste them into my favorite sales funnel builder.

Benefits of using AutomaticScript

  • Ultimate shortcut to copywriting
  • Cost effective solution for getting your copy written
  • Very easy to use
  • Perfect for complete beginers

Disadvantages of using AutomaticScript (Cons)

  • No grammar check tool
  • No copywriting analysis and software

Top Features that I love

If you’re looking for a specific feature of AutomaticScript, you can always email Brad Callen (and his support team) if you could request it to be done. 

I’ve requested one before (the ability to add our own templates) and I’m happy to see that it is now available as an option in the Enterprise plan.

Pricing plan for AutomaticScript

For a low monthly (or annual) plan, you can get started with creating your copy in a few minutes from now. Starts as low as $20/month (annual)…

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AutomaticScript Alternatives

There are many copywriting software out there, but my top and favorite software is currently AutomaticScripts. 

I do have other tools like Funnelscripts. I’ll create a more detailed comparison of these two softwares in just a short while. Stay tuned for that.

Who is Brad Callen?

Brad Callen is one of the top marketing experts that I’ve followed since I become a professional digital marketer. 

He has been in the online marketing space since 2002. Way back before “internet marketing” was even a career. 

He has spent thousands of dollars of his own money to learn copywriting. Buying books and courses on direct response marketing and copywriting. 

Because of the frustrations and a lot of trial and error on what worked and what didn’t, Brad created AutomaticScript to help him and countless others (including myself) write and create highly converting copy with no need for hiring expensive copywriters.

Other products by Brad Callen

Brad Callen has also created other top marketing products that have helped countless others with their online businesses. I have most of his products and these include:

Doodly – a doodle creation and animation software. Doodle videos are powerful videos that can educate and entertain viewers resulting in higher engagement and conversions. Read my full review of Doodly here.

Toonly – a cartoon animation software that can create video sales letters and promotional videos. Read my full review of Toonly here.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked question about the copywriting software : AutomaticScript.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes. You can join their affiliate program when you purchase AutomaticScript.

Why would you need an AI copy software?

For most website owners and business owners, copywriting is one of the biggest challenges they'll face. Using a copywriting software like AutomaticScript can help speed up the learning curve in creating highly converting copy.

What can you create with AutomaticScript?

You can create ALL the different parts and pages of your sales funnels including thank y0u pages, email sequences, sales pages, VSLs and even the webinar presentation itself.

How does it work?

AutomaticScript is very simple to use. It's entirely web-based, just create a new project and follow the prompts. Answer a few questions about your market, product and niche, and once completed, just HIT publish and your copy is created.

Are there free trials?

Unfortunately there are no free trials for AutomaticScript. You can try it though for 30 days and there's a money-back guarantee if it doesn't suit your needs.

Who are the copywriting gurus mentioned in AutomaticScript's website?

Who are the copywriting gurus mentioned in AutomaticScript's website?
John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Ray Edwards are just some of the copywriting legends mentioned in their website. Yes, you can find their frameworks inside AutomaticScript.