AliDropship Review

Do you want to start your own dropshipping and eCommerce business but don't want to launch it on Shopify?

Woocommerce is one of the open source platforms for building eCommerce businesses built on the powerful CMS platform, WordPress.

In this AliDropship review, we'll take creation of eCommerce website even easier than before.

Here's what you need to know about this plugin.

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WordPress + AliDropship = eCommerce Business

Shopify has taken the e-commerce industry by storm.

Because it made launching an e-commerce store in just a few clicks and the process was really simple for getting started.

It gained popularity as the go-to platform when it comes to launching and managing an e-commerce business.

But for those who are not a fan of Shopify (because of their monthly recurring fees, transaction fees and a bunch of paid apps), you might probably be looking for an alternative in launching your own dropshipping business.

One of my favorite options is by using WordPress + AliDropship Themes and Plugins which equates to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings.

In this Alidropship review, I will dive deep into the details on how you can build your own dropshipping store in just a few steps with minimal investment costs…

But before we dive into Alidropship, let me quickly refresh your memory on what Drop shipping is all about. First and foremost, Dropshipping is NOT dead.

But obviously a lot of things have changed in the eCommerce world and with the pandemic going on. It's not just a push button business anymore, it never was.

There's tons of work involved in running a successful dropshipping and e-commerce business.

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Google trends shows that Dropshipping is trending higher and higher each month and that's a good sign… But there are still thousands of Dropshippers worldwide.

The idea of Dropshipping is this…

When someone completes a purchase on your ecommerce store or website, you collect payment for that purchase and then purchase that item from a supplier (preferably from China because of cheaper prices).

The supplier receives payment and sends the package to the address of the customer that purchased from your website.

You pocket the difference between what the customer paid and what you paid to the supplier (cost of marketing, website, cost of products, etc).

With Dropshipping, you can see how every little bit of thing adds to the cost of products sold and therefore eats more profits from your margin.

And Shopify, which is one of the world's most popular e-commerce platforms right now, that costs increases almost every year.

You have to pay Shopify membership fees..

You have to pay Shopify transaction fees…

You have to pay for premium apps that are crucial to the success of your ecommerce websites and that could easily add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars of profit each month….

But not with AliDropship.

If you want to launch your ecommerce store the practical way, this is how AliDropship can help with that…

AliDropship solution requires WordPress (which is Free), a decent website hosting provider (I use and recommend WPX Hosting for my websites and ecommerce stores – read my full tutorial and review here ). Highly converting themes are also included (some are free, some are paid) with Alidropship.

How to find an unlimited products and profitable products.

Alidropship Plugin For Dropshipping

Once you've purchased AliDropship, you'll get an email confirmation with the download information.

There will be 3 download button links.

One is for the AliDropship plugin, the other is for the Woocommerce version and the last is for the AliDropship Themes.

Let's quickly talk about the default AliDropship plugin.

If you choose the Alidropship plugin, you WON'T NEED Woocommerce or any Woocommerce extensions because it won't be compatible.

Alidropship Plugin (Main version)

You just have to choose either the Alidropship plugin or the Alidropship Woo version. I would recommend that you choose the main Alidropship version and NOT the Woo plugin version because there are more themes, features and capabilities added on the main version.

Alidropship Woo Plugin

The Alidropship Woo version requires Woocommerce and that adds to the complexity of installing this version because you need to have separate add-ons and extensions that are also Woocommerce compatible.

I've tried this Alidropship Woo version and there's no benefit for me in going with this Alidropship Woo version.

Your case might be different, especially if you already have an existing WordPress Woocommerce store and migrating to a different shopping cart platform would create more work and headache for selling the products on your e-commerce store.

Alidropship Chrome extension

This Chrome extension is an add-on when you have the Alidropship plugin. It allows you to import any AliExpress product into your website and upload as many products as you like.

Alidropship Pricing

Getting started with Alidropship has never been more affordable. And with these special pricing deals and links, you'll get the best current deals right now.

There's pricing for a complete done-for-you e-commerce website, and there's also pricing for just the Alidropship 

Alidropship Settings

The settings is where you configure everything first before making your site live.

Alidropship vs Shopify

The main difference for Shopify and AliDropship is that Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce platform. It contains payment processing, website hosting (domain is separate) and ecommerce platform in one.

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that you install on your WordPress website and it allows for easier management of your dropshipping business.

Alidropship vs Oberlo

AliDropship and Oberlo have the same function: to manage your dropshipping business from Aliexpress.

The biggest difference is that Oberlo ONLY works with Shopify. And if you want to use WordPress then Alidropship is the solution that you're looking for.

Alidropship vs Woocommerce

Woocommerce is mainly for a WordPress ecommerce business. It can be used not only for dropshipping but for any type of ecommerce business.

AliDropship is specifically designed for building a semi-automated dropshipping business inside WordPress.

AliDropship also has a Woocommerce version of it's plugin if you prefer to use Woo in your ecommerce store.

Alidropship Themes

There's a bunch of FREE as well as PAID themes that are highly converting.

Make sure that you pick the right theme for your Alidropship version (Main vs Woo version).

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Alidropship Forum

AliDropship also provides a forum for it's members.

Alidropship Products

AliDropship is more than a WordPress plugin.

There are different products that are available for purchase on their website.

Most of these add-ons can help you improve your e-commerce dropshipping rates, install enhanced Google Analytics, offer a coupon code for discounts, gorgeous website designs, stock availability, bulleted product details, product images and product variations.

Most of the AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin option available today have limitations and costs a monthly subscription price.

But not with the Alidropship plugins.

Most of them are available for a reasonable one-time fee or one-time payment only. You'll be able to save a lot with this one-time fee deals. 

After you import products from your favorite Aliexpress Supplier, it's time for you to write and optimize your product descriptions, add your guarantee (if you have them), provide your shipping options and you're good to go. 

You just need to launch more products and get more product reviews for improved conversion rates.

Abandoned Cart Emails

One of the advantages of using Alidropship and Woocommerce is the ability to send abandoned cart emails that 

Alidropship Hosting

You'll need a reliable website hosting provider (not included in your AliDropship plugin purchase). I have not personally tested their service as I already have an existing WordPress website hosting provider:

Read my recommended WordPress Hosting review for SiteGround here.

FAQ about AliDropship

How to install the AliDropship plugin?

Installation of the AliDropship plugin is just like any other WordPress plugin. You can install it inside your WordPress backend or via FTP upload.

Is AliDropship legit?

AliDropship is totally legit and has been used by a lot of dropshippers. I have purchased AliDropship and have been very happy with my purchase.

What is AliDropship?

AliDropship is WordPress based solutions for building and scaling a Dropshipping business.

Is AliDropship worth it and profitable?

The initial investment cost for the plugin is less than $100. Obviously there are more costs in running an ecommerce business. But AliDropship is totally worth it because of it's low price. Once you get ecommerce sales from your AliDropship website, then you can start to see if it's going to be profitable or not.

Is AliDropship free?

Unfortunately not. AliDropship is not free and requires a minimal amount of investment to download and use the plugin.

How does shipping work in dropshipping?

When you're choosing a shipping option from Aliexpress, always choose e-packet or something similar as it provides tracking for products shipped from China.

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