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And You Don't Even Need To Create Your OWN product or service to get started...

Discover the UNDERGROUND, PROVEN affiliate marketing strategies that the PROS use to build a 6-figure affiliate marketing business 

There's only one problem.

And it's not what you think.

You might think that the reason you're not successful (yet) in affiliate marketing is because you ​"lack information"...

But the truth is the biggest problem when getting started with building an affiliate marketing business is ​NOT the lack of info, but it's this...

From the Desk of Ryan Cruz
Co-founder at TRAFFICSALAD

"Too much information or information overload"

The truth is there's MILLIONS of articles and video tutorials out there (that's FREE) which defines what "affiliate marketing" is and how to make money online, but the truth is about 99% of those stuff aren't going to help you.

​Worse, It's probably going to leave you more confused than before you got started...


Because they are usually just rehashed stuff from other people or stuff that contains "generic information" and "non-actionable tips". 

You know, the type of stuff and tips like "pick a product on Clickbank", create an optin page, build an email list and watch the affiliate commissions come in...

or maybe you're here because you've probably tried a lot of those stuff before.

And failed...

I totally understand how you feel, because I've felt and failed the same way too.

When we first immigrated here in Canada, I wanted to be able to provide another source of income stream for my family so I searched for a lot of "FREE Training" online and looked for information on blogs and YouTube on how to get started. 

Honestly, after reading and watching a few of these videos, I was more confused than ​when I first got started...

​Have you ever experienced this? Have you been "spinning" your wheels endlessly?

"So, in order to make money online, I need this... and that... oh before I could get that I need to learn about split-testing, conversion rates, etc...."

I felt stressed.

Nothing was making sense.

And the fact that I haven't found a job quickly when we first landed here in Canada was adding more to that daily stress.

In moments like those, you can either give up or keep moving forward...

Fortunately, I did move forward, but it was a journey with a lot of ups and downs. 

And I'd like to share this journey with you because the rewards are truly amazing! It is definitely worth it.

Until now, you have 3 options in getting started with your online business...

  • Continue reading FREE articles and FREE Video trainings on how "affiliate marketing" works and hope that you'll find the "MAGIC bullet"
  • Accept that "affiliate marketing" is not for you and give up (and convince yourself of all the excuses possible)
  • Have a Proven Framework and System to fast-track the learning curve,avoid tons of headaches and endless "research"

I went with option 3.

As someone who has been a Registered Nurse and College Professor for most of my life, I knew that systems and processes are important to help achieve a goal.

So I knew that if I wanted to become an online business owner and create "passive income streams online, I needed to follow systems and frameworks of what works and avoid those that doesn't work.

I've spent dozens of hours learning and testing a lot of strategies...

I've failed numerous times and was almost ready to quit...

Until finally, one day I told myself, what if instead of "following what others teach", why not "learn from what others are doing" instead...

​That was BIG revelation for me.

So, I started looking at the most "successful" affiliate marketers and "reverse-engineered" their process on how they are making money promoting other people's products.

​I thought I invented this TYPE of STRATEGY and RESEARCH ONLINE, but I later realized that the successful marketers are doing this all day long.

I didn't knew the term back then, but today this process of "spying" on your competitor's marketing strategy is also known as "funnel hacking", and those who do it are collectively called "FunnelHackers".

So you might be wondering, how did I do it?

How did I find the successful affiliate marketers and "funnel hacked" them?

​There's tons of strategies actually that are very easy to do. 

​But back when I got started, I looked at "Top Leaderboards". 

These are listings of the top affiliate marketers for a particular product. Here's an example of what a Leaderboard looks like (with me on the top leaderboard recently).

And they are available for almost ANY industry and niche. 

You can Google them, or simple email the affiliate manager of the product or service you'd like to promote and ask for the their leaderboard if they have one.

This is JUST one of the strategies that I'd like to share with you TODAY.

Strategies that "MOVES the NEEDLE" and get's results.

Results that I wanted to SHARE with you today! 

Before You Continue, please and agree with my results disclaimer: My results are NOT typical. It involves a lot of hard work, and this is what worked for me. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

FUNNELYTICS RESULTS - a Sales Funnel Mapping Software

I'm one of the top affiliates on a consistent basis for this software and have earned over $3,000+ over the last few weeks promoting this software.

I love using this tool and love sharing this with other people!

Thrive Themes - a Landing Page and WordPress Themes / Plugins

I've been using this software and plugin for making beautiful websites and niche sites for years.

And I've been able to crush it with their affiliate programs as well!

OPTIMIZE PRESS 2 - Landing Page Software

Another product that I've been promoting since 2014 and it's still earning me affiliate commissions even up to this day!

And more and more, but I hope you get the point.

​Obviously, I was on to something.

That experience helped me BUILD my OWN SYSTEM and FRAMEWORK on how affiliate marketing works.

I've compiled ALL my SUCCESS and STRATEGIES TO AVOID FAILURES in Affiliate Marketing, and I wanted OTHERS like YOU to SUCCEED as well.

But I've searched for a SYSTEM and COURSE ​that ANSWERS most if not all of my questions, but unfortunately I've never found something that I truly liked... ​

​I remember the days when I first got started with online marketing. The fear of bills coming up, the fear and worry for my next paycheck or even the thought of still having a job by tomorrow?

​I realized that after I was FIRED from my job in 2013, I will NEVER rely on a D.A.Y. J.O.B. as my ONLY source of income. It was just too risky for me and my family.

​I knew that a lot of people might benefit from what I've learned (both success and failures) so that they can carve their own paths.

That's why I created the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Program

Introduction: Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Program

With the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass, you can learn how to build an online business that is as close to passive income because you build it once and then it takes only a little bit of time to manage and promote it. 

Here's the gist of what I do and why I believe my systems and strategies are so successful.

1. My main strategy is all about VALUE.

My focus is to discover how I could provide tons of VALUE to my readers (whether or not they buy the product that I am promoting). This MINDSET is the biggest "Secret" to a successful online business.

2. The next is to create CONTENT that provides that value.

And my favorite MEDIUM or delivery of that content is through a BLOG post,VIDEO post or both

3. I then put out this CONTENT in front of people who are looking or wanting to solve their problem.

This is key because if you just put it out to any person out there, it's possible that they'll ignore your content if they are currently not experiencing any problem. My favorite strategy here is SEO or Search Engine Optimization because it is FREE and at the same time highly targeted type of traffic.

4. I then teach and educate people that helps solve their PROBLEM.

This is very important for there's really only 2 ways why people buy stuff. It's either to give them PLEASURE or to AVOID PAIN/PROBLEM. It is much easier to sell a solution to someone who has a pain/problem so I focus on helping those people.

5. Rinse and Repeat the process. 

I've used the strategies and ideas that I've shared in the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass in multiple industries and niches. And I've been able to rinse and repeat success using my exact frameworks and methodologies...

This simple framework has been developed into a system which I now call my "AFFILIATE MARKETING MASTERCLASS".

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Today!

Module 1

Finding the Right Audience

Module 2

Understand the Buying Cycle

Module 3

Create This Type of Article for More Sales

Module 4

Boost More Sales With This Powerful Tactic

Module 5

Email Marketing Strategies + Templates

Module 6

How To Craft The Perfect Presell Page

Module ​7

​Grow Your Email List

  • Lifetime Access To The Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Course ($997 value)
  • Exact Templates and Cheatsheets that I use to Build My Business ($1997 value)
  • Top Affiliate Marketing Programs To Promote in 2019 ($497 value)
  • Certificate of Completion ($497 value)
  • Private Facebook Group ($997 value)



Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Imagine being able to "add another income stream" to your bottomline - so that you're not totally dependent on your Day J.O.B.
  • Imagine being able to have "an online business" that can grow and scale as much as you want providing you with the Laptop Lifestyle of being able to work from anywhere.
  • Imagine being able to spend more time with your family or friends (or just by yourself), because you have the means to be able to work from home.
  • Imagine being able to go on a longer vacations and "paid time offs" because your "affiliate marketing business" is generating income for you on autopilot
  • Imagine being able to finally overcome the doubts and fears that has been holding you back from life on your own terms!


You can continue to do the same thing you've been doing—spending tons of time writing copy and getting mediocre results.

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Nurse "Turned Super Affiliate" Entrepreneur

P.S. I'm so confident you're going to love the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass that I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days and if you don't completely love it—I will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

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