OPTIMIZE PRESS 2.0 REVIEW – Updated for 2015

My In-Depth Review of OPTIMIZE PRESS 2.0 - Is this the Ultimate Landing Page Creator?

Official Site: Optimize Press 2.0


Affordable, Easy to Use,Short-Codes (Check out the feature boxes and arrows in this article), Gorgeous Designs and Templates.

You can use it to create Professionally-built websites, and best of all, it has GREAT Support!


Almost none. there's limited templates without the Club subscription (This is a monthly subscription to access more templates, but my bonuses would really help here, see below

Recommendations: I'm using Optimize Press 2 for a lot of my landing pages (examples below). You can also create your own templates or grab my bonuses(details below) 

Let’s face it… as an online business owner, you want to get more subscribers, get more leads  & get more sales…

If you do, one of the best ways to do this with the same amount of traffic is by greatly improving your conversion rates. I do that by creating specific landing pages for each specific goal.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Do you want to capture emails? – You need squeeze pages
Do you need to do a webinar or a webinar replay? – You need webinar registration pages
Do you need to do to sell your products and services? – Why not create a sales page for that
Do you have content that you would only like to be available to paying members? – Create membership pages

I used to have “ugly” landing pages and websites, the old wyswig website design. And that really killed the conversion rates on my site. People were just leaving (bounce rates are high) before they even read my content.  With Optimize Press 2.0, I was able to transform my sites, into responsive, user-friendly websites that are now getting higher conversion rates than ever before…


Advantages of using Optimize Press 2.0

What I liked about the new version of Optimize Press (version 2)

I’ve downloaded the OP2 files after purchasing my copy of Optimize Press 2. You’ll be redirected to the OptimizeHub.com website and you’ll need to login with your username and password that they will be sending in your email after purchase.

I’ve waited 5 mins for the email to arrive….

Then I’ve logged in and “skipped” the Basic training which includes a few tips on how to install the plugin, theme, etc. I prefer to test the product live, so I didn’t read any manual. :)

First thing that I’ve noticed was that the OP2 Files (theme and plugins) are both at least 25MB.

I do have a VPS server on which I can manually increase file upload limits, but I’m assuming that most people would be having a shared hosting account.

In this case, the best way to install OP2 to your wordpress blog is to upload the files via FTP. Just use any FTP software like Filezilla and upload the  OP2 files to the /wp-plugins directory of your site.You’ll need to extract the OP2 files first.

I used the plugin only version of OP2 here on my website. It worked perfectly with my existing Genesis theme(or any other theme). Which is great!

I can have my default WordPress theme (Genesis) and still use OP2 for landing pages.

Some of you might question why would I do that?

Because I could have the best of both worlds.

OP2 is great for creating beautiful landing pages, but they might not be great for search engine optimization. While my Genesis theme (or any other responsive design theme) is great for blog posts, categories, and site structure.

Previously I’m using a subdomain/main domain solution(exclusive.trafficsalad.org and trafficsalad.org). I've built my subdomain wordpress blog using the Optimize Press 1 Theme. Then I created Landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages on this subdomain. This worked great, but now I have 2 sites to manage and maintain. That’s probably not the best way for me to spend my time.

Now with the OP2 wordpress theme or plugin solution, it’s the perfect answer to my problems.

After installing them, I’ve spent a few hours creating optin pages to one of my sites that have a significant amount of traffic per day (100-200 visits per day).

I did some split testing with the Old Landing page VS the New landing pages created with OP2.

After several days, I was able to gather the results of this test.

The "NEW" Optimize Press 2 Landing page outperformed the old landing page by as much as 50%.

That's 50% more people subscribing to my list.

I'm very happy that the OP2 Team have fixed most of the major bugs since WordPress 3.6

I'm also very happy that OP2 is now much faster than before. Probably because they were able to fix a lot of the previous issues.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.

I've always had a problem with creating beautiful landing pages and thanks to OP2, I can now create UNLIMITED pages without spending a lot of graphic and web designers.

If you have less than 3 sites, then the $97 option is enough. If you have 10 sites that you would like to use for OP2, then you can get the $197 option.  The unlimited sites deal might still be available at $297. You can grab it here if you plan to create tons of beautiful websites.

There's also a club option. This monthly membership option is provided so that you can have additional designs or templates (here are some additional templates)


Disadvantages of using Optimize Press 2.0

What I didn't liked about the new version of Optimize Press (version 2)

Although, I'm currently using it in most of my sites (OP2 plugin version), I'm not currently using it for the following:

1. Split testing landing pages - The reason I'm not creating it for split testing landing pages anymore is because it can take a little bit of time to setup.

You'll need to create duplicate pages and use a split testing tool to drive traffic to both pages. In this case, it's best to use Leadpages for split testing purposes. Yes, I do have leadpages as well. And here's why I use leadpages and don't use leadpages (stay tuned for my review)

2. Facebook fanpages custom tabs - Facebook needs secure socket layers for added security in your landing pages. Meaning, the pages that you create inside custom tab should be https://. Most shared hosting servers don't have SSL as default.

It's an added feature that you have to pay monthly. If you want to use your landing pages inside your facebook custom tabs, the tool that I use is leadpages.


Sales page created from Optimize Press 2.0
Please see some of the "NEW" Sales pages and Landing Pages I've created below with Optimize Press 2.0

Honestly, I really liked the design that I did for this New Sales Page. (made entirely from Optimize Press 2.0)

I've also asked several people on what they think about this new sales page and they liked it as well.

And I've done all of this using Optimize Press 2.

It took me a few minutes to learn the new settings on How Optimize Press 2 works, but once you've figured it out, it's really easy to use.

Is this the Ultimate WordPress Theme?

When I was building my first sales page for a product that I was launching, I tried to look into several options.

The most obvious solution is to hire a web designer and a graphic designer. So, I went to elance.com and actually checked the ongoing rates for having a sales page created.

I was shocked because it would cost me around $500 - $2000 to get the job done. Additional pages and graphics are quoted separately. I wouldn’t want to spend that much cash for a sales page, so I looked for another option.

I was left with an option of creating my own sales page. But I needed something that would be easy to use, have tons of different graphics that I can use, and something that would not be too expensive. I’m also using wordpress, so it has to be compatible with a wordpress blog.

I saw several wordpress plugins (tools that add functionality to your blogs) that can be used a sales page, but it’s not visually appealing. As I was searching for more solutions, I stumbled upon Optimize Press (version 1) and I immediately wanted to see if it would help me create my sales page and build my product pages.

I went on and purchased it , registered my username and downloaded the WordPress Theme Zip File.

It will only take you a few minutes to install the new theme, but you’ll need to use the license activation email to verify your copy. This is a standard security measure to protect your accounts.

I’m the type of person who seldom watches tutorial videos and rather learn as I test and use the new wordpress theme. But if you like to watch tutorial videos and spend several hours on learning how to use optimize press, there’s a dedicated video tutorial section.

Are pages created with Optimize Press 1 and 2 highly converting into leads and sales?

So I searched Online and here’s what I’ve found… (versions of Optimize Press 1 and OP2)

5 Minute fanpages

Six Pack training

Optimize Press 2


I wanted to put Optimize Press to the test. I wanted to know if it’s REALLY easy to use? And If it’s designed for conversions and if it can help me make money

I’m creating a sales page, so conversions and sales will help determine if my sales page is effective or not.

It took me several days to create my product. Now that I have my product, I needed to add these products to my website and limit access to these content only to paying customers. Optimize Press can easily create member pages, which are pages that are designed only for paid customers.

Although Optimize Press can create membership pages, you still need to use a 3rd party plugin to enable protection on your content from free readers.
The plugin that I used to limit readers on my member pages is called S2Member.

There’s a Free and Paid version, which both works great. You would need some level of technical proficiency to make sure the plugin links to your payment system and your blog. If you buy the paid version, you can get forum and support access whenever you encounter a tough issue you can’t resolve.

After making sure that my member pages are created, I started working on the sales page.

I had one thing in mind. To create a sales page that is highly converting.

It’s time to start crafting a compelling copy for my sales page.

What I included to my sales pages:

1. Killer Headline – This is very important because it will entice my readers to read my sales letter. I have to include a BIG promise and be specific when creating this headline.

2. Crafting my story – I used storytelling to tell my readers how frustrated I was and how I stumbled onto the solution to my problem. I’ll tell them it was not easy at first, but slowly the I was able to find what works.

3. I would then introduce the product and share the benefits that I’ve received from using it. Sharing benefits is important because it will help people decide what’s in it for them.

4. After sharing the benefits, I will then provide a list of the features of my product : This will help address the “logical” questions of readers.

5. Then I will smoothly transition to the pitch by asking them how much they think this would cost. Tell them how much they would be paying if they got this information somewhere else.

6. I will tell them how much my product would cost.

7. There will definitely be price objections and hesitations on the mind of readers so I would offer a 30 days Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked: This will alleviate their objections and risk levels. Tell them that I am assuming all the risk by giving them the Money back guarantee.

8. A recap of what they will be getting : This reinforces the benefits that they will get.

9. A Nice Signature below my sales page.

10. Post Scripts (P.S.) – Telling what they would get and for how much. Some people don’t read sales pages and simply scroll down the sales page and look at the pricing. If they liked what they see they either order or scroll up again and read the sales page.

Did you like this Sales Page Template Overview? Try it on your own website and put a sales page

Frequently Asked Questions about Optimize press 2

I'm an existing Optimize Press 1 user, will I get a Free upgrade to Optimize Press 2? Unfortunately No.

Optimize Press 2 is built from the ground up using new technology and a lot has been invested in this new platform.

Is it a WordPress Theme or Plugin?

It’s both. Optimize Press 2, is both a standalone WordPress theme and a WordPress plugin.

Personally, I love using the plugin version because I can still use html 5 ready wordpress themes like the Genesis Framework.

Will this work with any Autoresponder?

Yes it will work with any autoresponder like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, iContact, and many more. As long as your autoresponder provides a custom html code, it will work with OptimizePress 2.

Can I automatically integrate Optimize Press 2 with GotoWebinar?

Yes! People who subscribed to your optin forms using Optimize Press 2 will automatically be subscribed to your Gotowebinar* list. *Requires Gotowebinar account. This is a new and added feature that will automatically add people to your webinar and autoresponder list.

Are there customization options with Optimize Press 2?

The Customization options are limitless actually. You can use them as shortcodes on your blog (just like what I did for this post). You can quickly add buttons, feature boxes, pricing, optin forms, images, audio, video, buttons, etc.

Can you clone or duplicate your pages?

It's very easy to duplicate/clone your pages for faster results. You can also create and share your pages as templates. Sell these templates or give them away for free! (For my Optimize press 2 Bonuses, you'll get 8 OP2 Templates that are proven to highly convert and engage your website visitors, you'll get it for Free if you get Optimize Press 2 via my affiliate links)

I don't want the same Navigation bar, can I change them?

Now you can! – This was one of the biggest problems with the old Optimize Press 1 Theme. Now you can use the live Editor system to customize your headers, navigation bars, etc with just a few clicks.

Can I share my templates and designs?

Yes, and you can do this easily by joining the Optimize Press 2 Club membership (currently at $17/month - soon to be $27/month membership). You can swap/sell/share your templates and designs with hundreds of marketers and website owners using Optimize Press.

How much would Optimize Press 2 Cost?

There are 3 current pricings available. For 3 websites, it’s $97. For 10 websites, it’s $197. For unlimited websites, it’s currently at a low price of $297. Great if you have more than 10 sites.

Unfortunately, these pricing doesn’t include client or developer licenses. But, when you look at it, premium responsive designs like these costs around $500 – $5,000 when you hire a web developer.

Can you use Optimize Press for membership sites? Do I need a separate plugin?

This is one of the powerful features of Optimize Press 2. The ability to create beautiful membership websites.

Nice, isn't it?

You can get those Membership page templates as Bonuses when you get OP2 via my affiliate links.

You don't need to worry about a membership plugin as well. Your OP2 purchase includes a Free membership plugin similar to S2member.

For basic protection of your site and basic payment options, this plugin works perfectly.

But for my site, I use Insta-Member because I needed to attract affiliates and need other payment options like (JvZoo).

Do you have the best OPTIMIZE PRESS 2 Bonuses?

As a matter of fact, I do!

I’ve spent several hours changing and implementing Optimize Press 2 landing pages on my site.

I’m using it right now on this site (trafficsalad) and I know that the bonuses I will offer when you get it via my affiliate links, is what you need in order to “enhance” your purchase.

Why this is the Best Optimize Press 2.0 Bonuses

Don’t be fooled by tons of other marketers who promote Personal coaching, Tons of PLR stuff, and Mega bonus packages…

Those bonuses will just *distract* you on how to use Optimize Press 2 to build successful websites and businesses. (If you don’t believe me, feel free to leave this page and get it from someone else)

I’ve told in my review, that the problem with Optimize Press is that it lacks templates that are proven to convert highly, that is why…

I’m giving 3 8 of my highly converting templates…

Plus I’m also giving you access to my Personal coaching Video on How to Triple your Online Income using Landing Pages (you can create these pages easily with Optimize Press 2)

These 4 9 bonuses are hands down the best bonuses that will help you save time and money with Optimize Press 2


Get ALL these Optimize Press 2 Bonuses

Bonus #1 - Basic Squeeze Page Template

Bonus 1 Squeeze Page Basic Template

This Bonus Optimize Press 2.0 template is perfect for capturing the names of email subscribers. There’s a nice, big headline, an big ebook cover (you need to design your own), and an optin form on the right sidebar. You can turn off the name field if you want to get the email only. Highly recommended as a basic signup form on your website. (Worth $47)

Bonus #2 - Video Sales Letter Template

Bonus 2 Video Sales Letter Template

The video sales letter template has a Big headline, a video placeholder (host your video on youtube or other video hosting), and a *Magic Button* that popups at a specified time. This is a great way to get readers to learn more about your great content first before asking them to do anything (request an optin or get them to buy your product)  (Worth $47)

Bonus #3 - Presell Template

Presell Template

The presell template is a perfect way to “condition” your readers to take small commitments (Yes ladder approach) by reading your content and then clicking on the continue button. This will pre-sell them on what’s in store for the end of the template. You’ll then get more conversions because they now have less resistance clicking your call to action buttons.  (Worth $97)

Bonus #4 - Optin Page / Squeeze page Template Responsive design

Bonus 4 - Create Beautiful Landing pages in Just a Few Minutes

I've used this optin page template for the launch of Optimize Press 2.0 This is a responsive design and can be easily used on any niche. Just change the headlines, ebook cover, call to action, optin forms and your good to go.  (Worth $37)

Bonus #5 - Bonus and Download Page template

Bonus 5 Download and bonus template

This is the Bonus and Download page template that I use for my site. You can copy them and use it for your own sites as well.  (Worth $37)

Bonus #6 - Membership Product Page Template

Bonus 6 Membership Product Page Template

If you are going to sell digital products, this is my Product page template. People can easily browse to your different modules inside your course. You can easily add/delete elements in this template.  (Worth $27)

Bonus #7 - Membership Module Page Template

Bonus 7 Membership Page Template

Each of your product will have different modules or sections. This is what I use for my Premium Training (Paid Membership access).  (Worth $27)

Bonus #8 - Membership Lesson Page Template

Bonus 8 Membership Lesson Page template

This is the template that I use for individual product lessons and content. This template is designed if you have a video material. You can add/delete elements to this membership template as well.  (Worth $27)

Bonus #9 - Special Access to the Video: How to Triple your Online Income with Landing Pages

Bonus 9 How to Triple your online income with landing pages

This is the video that I shared with my Personal coaching students. This video will teach you how to boost and probably Triple your online income by creating and converting different landing pages. (Worth $197)

This Conversion Rate Optimization Quick-Start Bonus will give you a crash course on increasing conversion rates on your landing pages, so that you’ll have more leads, more sales and more customers!

Bonus #10

Split-Testing Guide - One of the ways to improve your conversion rates is to constantly test, test, test. But with Optimize Press 2.0, they are a little bit short when it comes to split testing. This guide will help you setup split-testing on your landing pages, so that you can continuously get higher conversion rates.

Bonus #11

Lead Magnet Guide - A lot of marketers including myself, have struggled with creating leadmagnets or optin-bribes. They are used to ethically request contact information from your readers in exchange of something valuable like a free report, ebook or training video.

But now all lead magnets are the same. If done incorrectly, you’ll end up bloating your list of leads with free loaders and tire-kickers. I’m not saying that you exclude them, but this Lead Magnet guide will help you attract the right customer, by positioning the perfect lead magnet to attract quality leads.

Bonus #12

Traffic Generation Guide - The most beautiful landing pages will be wasted if you don’t know how to drive traffic to these pages. I’ll share with you 3 “Top Secret” methods to generating high quality traffic to your landing pages.

Bonus #13 (Exclusive Bonus to PRO Package($297) buyers ONLY)

30-minutes Virtual consultation (via skype or google+) with me on conversion rate optimization of your site, landing page critic, etc. – internet marketing related questions in the next half hour and tap into my 10,000+ hours of learning.


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