OPTIMIZE PRESS 2.0 REVIEW – Updated for 2014

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Official Site: Optimize Press 2.0

Updated Review: October 2014


Affordable, No Coding Skills Required, Short-Codes available for use on blog posts and pages(Check out the feature boxes and arrows in this article), Gorgeous Designs and Templates.

You can create almost any type of Landing page without any coding knowledge (membership pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, pre-sell pages, optin pages, upsell pages, affiliate pages, download pages, bonus pages).

The ABILITY to customize your landing pages is SUPERB with Optimize Press 2.0 (unlike other tools like Leadpages, wherein you have to use the templates that they have)

The CLUB Membership option (monthly or annual subscription) is now a highly recommended deal because it can save you a lot of time, headache and frustration when it comes to creating beautiful pages. Check out the video below as well.

It also has GREAT Support and a newly launched marketplace which I will go into detail later on.


It’s not the easiest landing page creation software out there. It can only be used if you have a WordPress™ site. If you want to create facebook custom tabs (entirely optional), you’ll need to get an SSL subscription from your hosting (usually just a few dollars per year).

The Optimize Press membership plugin is also a clone of the highly popular S2Member PRO plugin and it still doesn’t have the Stripe payment option. I’m not using this membership plugin, but rather I’m using Insta-Member or the S2Member PRO plugin for my sites.

This is just a landing page tool and the biggest challenge that I’ve encountered is creating the offers and driving traffic to these pages (But don’t worry, I have some bonuses to help you out with these)

My Conclusion:

Optimize Press 2.0 is for people who would like to create beautiful and highly converting landing pages without spending a lot on hiring a web designer.

The Club House membership option is also a highly recommended deal because there’s tons of beautiful designs that you can immediately download and use. Even if  you have design skills, I would recommend getting the Club House monthly upgrade because you’ll also get icons, photos, and free updates of Optimize Press 2.0

October 21, 2014

Hi there,

Ryan here and if you don’t know me yet, you can learn more about me and this site here.

The Problem

Let’s face it… as an online business owner, who doesn’t want to get more subscribers, get more leads  & get more sales. We all do!

We initially think that in order to get more leads and get more subscribers, we need more traffic, and that’s true…

But the problem with that is either you spend time to get traffic (SEO, Social Media,Email)  or pay for traffic (PPC, Ads, Media buys) which can be both time-consuming and expensive.

With the Panda, Penguin and all the crazy updates on Google, there is so much confusion with SEO. And paid traffic is also very expensive, I’ve previously run campaigns that costs $75 per click!

All is not lost though, but before I share with you what I did, let me share with this story with you…


How I discovered Optimize Press 2.0

Back in 2011, I wanted to launch my very first digital course and there weren’t many options to do that before. I discovered Optimize Press version 1 since it was used by almost every marketer I know.

So I bought the very first version of Optimize Press, created my membership site, drove traffic and made a decent profit from that digital course.

In 2013, James Dyson and the Optimize Press™ team launched version 2.0 and it has been completely re-coded from the ground up.

After a year, there has been numerous updates like speed issues, compatibility issues, and has added numerous features which I’ll be discussing below.

Disclosure: I’ve helped people build their landing pages and has also been a consistent top affiliate for Optimize Press (here’s a screenshot of my latest earnings from OptimizePress)

I’m not showing this to brag or to show you that I only promote Optimize Press 2 because of the commissions, because I don’t do that.

I just want you to know that I have Optimize Press 2, ver 1, and have used it extensively on my niche sites as well.

Improving Conversion Rates are the Solution…

One of the best ways to get more leads, sales & conversions with the same amount of traffic is by greatly improving your conversion rates.

If you don’t know what conversion rates are and what your conversion rate is, let me give you an example:

Let’s say you had 100 visitors to your sales page, and 1 of them actually bought your product. That’s a 1% conversion rate.

In theory, if you want another sale, you’ll need 100 visitors again and getting that 100 visitors might be time-consuming or expensive if you are running paid advertising campaigns.

With Conversion Rate Optimization, it’s much easier to bump that 1% conversion rate to a 2% conversion rate.

While I won’t be diving into the details of CRO (conversion rate optimization) in this article, let me show you how you can use landing pages (made with Optimize Press) to improve your conversion rates.

I do that by creating specific landing pages for each specific goal.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Do you want to capture emails? – You need squeeze pages
Do you need to do a webinar or a webinar replay? - You need webinar registration pages
Do you need to do to sell your products and services? – Why not create a sales page for that
Do you have content that you would only like to be available to paying members? – Create membership pages
Do you want a home page that’s mobile responsive and has a modern-looking flat design? – Create a home page

The main reason you would like to create dedicated landing pages for each goal is because you want to minimize distraction, split-test and assist people in taking the right action like purchasing your product, signing up for your newsletter, registering for your webinar, etc.

Real examples of pages created with Optimize Press

*Some of these examples are included in the Club House Monthly subscription (highly recommended that you get it too because it’s a real time saver), while some of them are available in the Marketplace. You can also customize your own designs, use them, sell them or share them.


[VIDEO] Watch my Optimize Press Clubhouse Sneak peek and Review


Landing Pages

They are also known as “Squeeze pages, Optin pages, Offer pages”, because their main function is to “funnel” people into taking a very specific action.

That specific action is usually to collect the names and emails of your readers.

Membership Pages

These are private pages on your site that contains content that are only available for readers who have access to it (not available publicly). These are pages that contains exclusive training, videos, pdf, audio and more.

Together with the Optimize Press Member plugin, you can start building your own digital training portal. But for easier use, I use the Insta-Member plugin and I also have the S2Member plugin if I want Stripe payment integration.


Business Pages/Home Pages

These are beautiful pages for your websites that can be used as Home Pages/Welcome Pages and business pages (I’m planning to use this type of landing page here on Trafficsalad, so stay tuned for that)

This type of page should provide a visual overview of what your business provides.

Sales Pages/Video Sales Letter Pages

For me, this is the most important page on your website, the sales page.

It’s because the sales page showcases and presents your products and services to your readers. A double digit bump in the conversion rates of your sales pages can result in a significant increase of sales for your online business.

If you’re selling digital products (ebooks, video training, templates, etc), you can connect your sales page with a payment processor like Paypal, Clickbank, JVZoo, Payza, Authorize.net, Stripe, etc and then deliver your digital goods in your membership pages.

With the Optimize Press Member Plugin (and almost all membership plugins), you can limit the access of your premium materials to only those who actually bought your products.

Launch Pages, Thank you pages, Webinar Pages, Affiliate Pages, and more!

You can also easily create these pages even if you have no coding skills or knowledge!


Benefits and Advantages of using Optimize Press 2.0


What I liked about the new version of Optimize Press (version 2)

I’ve downloaded the OP2 files after purchasing my copy of Optimize Press 2. You’ll be redirected to the OptimizeHub.com website and you’ll need to login with your username and password that they will be sending in your email after purchase.

I’ve waited 5 mins for the email to arrive….

Then I’ve logged in and “skipped” the Basic training which includes a few tips on how to install the plugin, theme, etc. I prefer to test the product live, so I didn’t read any manual. :)

First thing that I’ve noticed was that the OP2 Files (theme and plugins) are both at least 25MB.

I do have a VPS server on which I can manually increase file upload limits, but I’m assuming that most people would be having a shared hosting account.

In this case, the best way to install OP2 to your wordpress blog is to upload the files via FTP.

Just use any FTP software like Filezilla and upload the  OP2 files to the /wp-plugins directory of your site.

You’ll need to extract the OP2 files first.

There are 3 main files in Optimize Press 2

1. The Optimize Press 2 Theme File

2. The Optimize Press 2 Plugin File

3. The Optimize Press 2 Member File

I only used the plugin of Optimize Press 2.

I also didn’t install the Optimize Press 2 Member file, because I have the S2Member PRO and Insta-member, which I personally prefer because it’s easier to setup and use.

The Optimize Press 2 Theme File is a standalone theme that I didn’t use, because I love using the Genesis theme from StudioPress (just in case you don’t know these guys, they are the people behind Copyblogger, one of the world’s largest copywriting and blogging site)

I’m using the Genesis Theme as a parent theme and some of the child themes like Foodiepro, Dynamik Theme, Eleven Pro, Centric Pro on this site.

This way I can have the full HTML5 , SEO-ready, theme compatibility benefits of Genesis, while being able to use Optimize Press 2 to create specific landing pages.


Why use Optimize Press 2 as a plugin instead of a Theme?

You can get the benefits of both and have a powerful site combo!

OP2 is great for creating beautiful landing pages, but they might not be great for search engine optimization.

While my Genesis theme (or any other responsive design theme) is great for blog posts, categories, and site structure, etc.

*Did you notice how you got to this site? It’s most likely because I’ve ranked to the top spots of the search engines using this site combo.

That’s how powerful this Genesis Theme + Child Theme + Optimize Press 2 Plugin is

Previously I’m using a subdomain/main domain solution(exclusive.trafficsalad.org and trafficsalad.org).

I’ve built my subdomain wordpress blog using the Optimize Press 1 Theme. I then created the different landing pages, membership pages, sales pages, squeeze pages on this subdomain.

This worked great, but now I have 2 sites to manage and maintain (2 updates, 2 security issues, ftp, backups, everything)

That’s probably not the best way for me to spend my time.

Now with OP2 wordpress theme or plugin solution, it’s the perfect answer to my problems.

After installing them, I’ve spent a few hours creating membership pages, sales pages, pre-sell pages, squeeze pages…

Although Optimize Press 2 is very different from version 1, overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.

I’ve always had a problem with creating beautiful landing pages and thanks to OP2, I can now create UNLIMITED pages without hiring expensive graphic and web designers.


If you have less than 3 sites, then the $97 option is enough. If you have 10 sites that you would like to use for OP2, then you can get the $197 option.  The unlimited sites deal might still be available at $297. You can grab it here if you plan to create tons of beautiful websites.


Disadvantages of using Optimize Press 2.0

What I didn’t liked about the new version of Optimize Press (version 2)

Although, I’m currently using the OP2 plugin version on all of my sites), I’m not currently using it for the following:

1. Split testing landing pages – The reason I’m not creating it for split testing landing pages anymore is because it can take a little bit of time to setup.

You’ll need to create duplicate pages and use a split testing tool to drive traffic to both pages.

In this case, it’s best to use Leadpages for split testing purposes. Read my updated review of leadpages, it’s a great option if you want to quickly create pages but don’t mind the limited designs.

2. Facebook fanpages custom tabs – Facebook needs secure socket layers for added security in your landing pages.

Meaning, the pages that you create inside custom tab should be https://

Most shared hosting servers don’t have SSL as default. You need to ask your hosting to set it up, so that you can run Optimize Press 2 pages inside Facebook custom tabs.

It’s an added feature that you have to pay monthly. If you want to setup custom tabs quickly, then the tool that I use is leadpages or clickfunnels


Is this the Ultimate WordPress Theme?

When I was building my first sales page for a product that I was launching, I tried to look into several options.

The most obvious solution is to hire a web designer and a graphic designer. So, I went to elance.com and actually checked the ongoing rates for having a sales page created.

I was shocked because it would cost me around $500 – $2000 to get the job done. Additional pages and graphics are quoted separately. I wouldn’t want to spend that much cash for a sales page, so I looked for another option.

I was left with an option of creating my own sales page. But I needed something that would be easy to use, have tons of different graphics that I can use, and something that would not be too expensive. I’m also using wordpress, so it has to be compatible with a wordpress blog.

I saw several wordpress plugins (tools that add functionality to your blogs) that can be used a sales page, but it’s not visually appealing. As I was searching for more solutions, I stumbled upon Optimize Press (version 1) and I immediately wanted to see if it would help me create my sales page and build my product pages.

I went on and purchased it, registered my username and downloaded the WordPress Theme Zip File (This was version 1, but with version 2, I just use the Optimize Press 2 Plugin)

It will only take you a few minutes to install the new theme, but you’ll need to use the license activation email to verify your copy. This is a standard security measure to protect your accounts.

I’m the type of person who seldom watches tutorial videos and rather learn as I test and use the new wordpress theme. But if you like to watch tutorial videos and spend several hours on learning how to use optimize press, there’s a dedicated video tutorial section for that.

Optimize Press 2.0 put to the Test

Are pages created with Optimize Press 1 and 2 highly converting into leads and sales?

So I searched Online and here’s what I’ve found… (versions of Optimize Press 1 and OP2)

Six Pack training


I wanted to put Optimize Press to the test. I wanted to know if it’s REALLY easy to use? And If it’s designed for conversions and if it can help me make money

I’m creating a sales page, so conversions and sales will help determine if my sales page is effective or not.

It took me several days to create my product. Now that I have my product, I needed to add these products to my website and limit access to these content only to paying customers. Optimize Press can easily create member pages, which are pages that are designed only for paid customers.

Although Optimize Press can create membership pages, you still need to use a 3rd party plugin to enable protection on your content from free readers.
The plugins that I have used to limit readers on my member pages are either S2Member PRO or Insta-Member.

After making sure that when my member pages were created, I started working on the sales page.

I had one thing in mind.

To create a sales page that is highly converting.

It’s time to start crafting a compelling copy for my sales page.

What I included to my sales pages:

1. Killer Headline – This is very important because it will entice my readers to read my sales letter. I have to include a BIG promise and be specific when creating this headline.

2. Crafting my story – I used storytelling to tell my readers how frustrated I was and how I stumbled onto the solution to my problem. I’ll tell them it was not easy at first, but slowly the I was able to find what works.

3. I would then introduce the product and share the benefits that I’ve received from using it. Sharing benefits is important because it will help people decide what’s in it for them.

4. After sharing the benefits, I will then provide a list of the features of my product : This will help address the “logical” questions of readers.

5. Then I will smoothly transition to the pitch by asking them how much they think this would cost. Tell them how much they would be paying if they got this information somewhere else.

6. I will tell them how much my product would cost.

7. There will definitely be price objections and hesitations on the mind of readers so I would offer a 30 days Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked: This will alleviate their objections and risk levels. Tell them that I am assuming all the risk by giving them the Money back guarantee.

8. A recap of what they will be getting : This reinforces the benefits that they will get.

9. A Nice Signature below my sales page.

10. Post Scripts (P.S.) – Telling what they would get and for how much. Some people don’t read sales pages and simply scroll down the sales page and look at the pricing. If they liked what they see they either order or scroll up again and read the sales page.

Did you like this Sales Page Template? Let me know in the comments below

FAQs About Optimize Press 2

I’m an existing Optimize Press 1 user, will I get a Free upgrade to Optimize Press 2? Unfortunately No.

Optimize Press 2 is built from the ground up using new technology and a lot has been invested in this new platform.

Is it a WordPress Theme or Plugin?

It’s both. Optimize Press 2, is both a standalone WordPress theme and a WordPress plugin.

Personally, I love using the plugin version because I can still use html 5 ready wordpress themes like the Genesis Framework.

Will this work with any Autoresponder?

Yes it will work with any autoresponder like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, iContact, and many more. As long as your autoresponder provides a custom html code, it will work with OptimizePress 2.

Can I automatically integrate Optimize Press 2 with GotoWebinar?

Yes! People who subscribed to your optin forms using Optimize Press 2 will automatically be subscribed to your Gotowebinar* list. *Requires Gotowebinar account. This is a new and added feature that will automatically add people to your webinar and autoresponder list.

Are there customization options with Optimize Press 2?

The Customization options are limitless actually. You can use them as shortcodes on your blog (just like what I did for this post). You can quickly add buttons, feature boxes, pricing, optin forms, images, audio, video, buttons, etc.

Can you clone or duplicate your pages?

It’s very easy to duplicate/clone your pages for faster results. You can also create and share your pages as templates. Sell these templates or give them away for free!

I don’t want the same Navigation bar, can I change them?

Now you can! – This was one of the biggest problems with the old Optimize Press 1 Theme. Now you can use the live Editor system to customize your headers, navigation bars, etc with just a few clicks.

Can I share my templates and designs?

Yes, and you can do this easily by joining the Optimize Press 2 Club membership (currently at $17/month – soon to be $27/month membership). You can swap/sell/share your templates and designs with hundreds of marketers and website owners using Optimize Press.

How much would Optimize Press 2 Cost?

There are 3 current pricings available. For 3 websites, it’s $97. For 10 websites, it’s $197. For unlimited websites, it’s currently at a low price of $297. Great if you have more than 10 sites.

Unfortunately, these pricing doesn’t include client or developer licenses. But, when you look at it, premium responsive designs like these costs around $500 – $5,000 when you hire a web developer.

Can you use Optimize Press for membership sites? Do I need a separate plugin?

This is one of the powerful features of Optimize Press 2. The ability to create beautiful membership websites.

Nice, isn’t it?

You don’t need to worry about a membership plugin as well. Your OP2 purchase includes a Free membership plugin similar to S2member.

For basic protection of your site and basic payment options, this plugin works perfectly.

But for my site, I use Insta-Member because it’s easier to use, has more benefits for people who sell digital products and for those who needed to attract affiliates and needed other payment options like (Clickbank, Payza, JVZoo,etc).

Do you have bonuses for Optimize Press 2?

As a matter of fact, I do!

I’ve spent several hours perfecting and implementing the use of Optimize Press 2 on my sites.

I’m using it right now on this site (trafficsalad) by implementing different shortcodes and landing pages.

Why you’ll love these bonuses

Don’t be fooled by tons of other marketers who promote Tons of PLR stuff, and Mega bonus packages…

Those bonuses will just *distract* you on how to use Optimize Press 2 to build successful websites and businesses. (If you don’t believe me, feel free to leave this page and get it from someone else)

I’ve used Optimize Press 2 for quite some time now and I can definitely tell you that you don’t need to be a graphic designer, web designer or even have design skills to use it.

Just make sure you get the Club House subscription when you get Optimize Press 2. This subscription would provide you with enough template ideas that are gorgeous and highly converting.

All you need to do is download the zip file and upload it to your Optimize Press setup.

It’s more than enough for what most people need.

But if you’ve really read my review well, you’ll notice how I stressed on the importance of Improving Conversion Rates

That is why for my Optimize Press 2 Bonuses, I would like to introduce a bonus special that will help you to achieve that.

Introducing: my C.R.O. Quickstart Bonus

This Conversion Rate Optimization Quick-Start Bonus will give you a crash course on increasing conversion rates on your landing pages, so that you’ll have more leads, more sales and more customers!

Bonus #1 (Worth $97)

Split-Testing Guide - One of the ways to improve your conversion rates is to constantly test, test, test. But with Optimize Press 2.0, they are a little bit short when it comes to split testing. This guide will help you setup split-testing on your landing pages, so that you can continuously get higher conversion rates.

Bonus #2 (Worth $97)

Lead Magnet Guide - A lot of marketers including myself, have struggled with creating leadmagnets or optin-bribes. They are used to ethically request contact information from your readers in exchange of something valuable like a free report, ebook or training video.

But now all lead magnets are the same. If done incorrectly, you’ll end up bloating your list of leads with free loaders and tire-kickers. I’m not saying that you exclude them, but this Lead Magnet guide will help you attract the right customer, by positioning the perfect lead magnet to attract quality leads.

Bonus #3 (Worth $197)

Traffic Generation Guide - The most beautiful landing pages will be wasted if you don’t know how to drive traffic to these pages. I’ll share with you 3 “Top Secret” methods to generating high quality traffic to your landing pages.

Bonus #4 (Exclusive Bonus to PRO Package($297) buyers ONLY) – (Worth $497)

30-minutes Virtual consultation (via skype or google+) with me on conversion rate optimization of your site, landing page critic, etc. – internet marketing related questions in the next half hour and tap into my 10,000+ hours of learning. (Here’s my linkedin profile, just in case you’re wondering how can I help you)

How to Claim these Optimize Press 2 Bonuses?

  • 1

    Clear your Browser cookies

    In order for me to get credited with your Optimize Press 2 purchase, you need to clear your browser cookies first. Just go to your browser settings -> clear history (all) You can search how to clear your cookies here http://www.aboutcookies.org/page-2

  • 2

    Click on the Big Button below

    You’ll be taken to the Optimize Press 2 website with my affiliate link. Purchase Optimize Press 2. IMPT. You must click on the button below to get my bonuses. Thanks!

  • 3

    Save a screenshot of your receipt or transaction

    I will need it to verify that you’ve purchased Optimize Press via my affiliate links. This will make sure that you will get the bonuses I’ve promised.

  • 4

    Use the Contact Form below

    Complete the form below to claim your bonuses.

Get Optimize Press 2.0

Use this BONUS Request Form


  1. says

    I only make websites for restaurants. Don’t need membership site, have one with a online directory for Dining Guide. But how helpful is this optimize 2.0 for offline marketing. Or should I use another product?


    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Bob, that is a great question. First OP is a wordpress plugin and theme. So it’s a way for you to create beautiful landing pages and squeeze pages. I see that you’ve created several mobile apps, and you can do that as well with OP2. If you are going to do offline advertising, you need to still tie it with a landing page or squeeze page, and OP2 can help you build those pages quickly. Hope this answers your question.

    • Ryan Cruz says

      There was no discount released for existing users of OP 1. :( Everyone is still awaiting updates on this one.

  2. says

    Wow buggy is not something I need to deal with.

    Also I never did get a link to purchase it so I guess that was another bug.

    I’ll be interested in reading your update.

    More than anything I want something that works with reasonable support for issues
    I have in understanding how to use it, not because it is not working as intended.

  3. says

    Hello Ryan

    I see that in optimizepress you can only add a logo wich is 250×50 but i want to have a big header with my picture in it wich a made on my optimizepress 1 site.

    what do you reccomend about using a header instead of a small logo? i mean branding is important right?

    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Amber,

      Yes, I brought this issue to the OP2 team as well, and they might be working an update. What you can do for now is to Add another row then choose the column that would fit your header image and other info on the right side of the columns. Hope this helps.

    • Ryan Cruz says

      your welcome Amber. Just go to the Live Editor. Then Add Row. Then Choose column format. Choose a setting that would fit your branding. Then add elements to this column (Image element for your header), text block for text, etc.

  4. says

    thanks! thats working. and do you turn your header off? or do you add a same color grey wich mean you have a grey block above your row/image?

  5. says

    NICE I just bought it too! very cool

    @ Q’s, what plugin you use for the social sharing bar that is sticky on the top right and what plugin is the “Need Help? Choose one below” bar? Looks amazing

    Nice blog !

    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hey Willem-Paul,

      Thanks for dropping by, the social sidebar is Flare and the sidebar widget is fixed widgets. Then I just created image links for the options.


  6. yetty says

    Hi Ryan,

    How do you give a free report or ebook with optimizepress 2?

    How do you embed an optimizepress 2 optin form in the sidebar of a wordpress blog?


    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Yetty,

      Great questions. Create a separate landing page with Optimize Press 2 for your Download page. But this url will be accessible to anyone unless you make it a members only page using a membership plugin like instamember or the free OP2 membership plugin.

      For adding an optin form in the sidebar, just add the shortcode of the optin (HTML code) then add it as text code on the sidebar.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Chris says

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m undecided between Optimize Press (OP) and Profit Theme (PT).

    With PT they say I don’t need additional plugins or need to purchase additional third party membership site scripts.

    Could you tell me what I need to create a membership area/site with OP, and how much money I have to invest using OP?

    I would greatly appreciate your comments regarding PT.


    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Chris,

      To answer that question you need to understand that Profits Theme is comparable to the old version of Optimize Press (version 1). Comparing PT with OP1, yes PT has the advantage of having membership plugins. But, with OP2 you’ll get a new revamp of the Optimize Press Theme. And there’s a FREE membership plugin included with Optimize Press 2. The membership plugin that comes with OP2 is similar to S2member. If you have used s2member before, it’s almost identical.

      All of my membership sites are now being created with OP 2. Check out the upcoming launch of the Premium training on my site: http://www.trafficsalad.org/products/

      But I want something more powerful than the OP2 membership plugin. I need something that I can easily integrate with affiliates and other payment systems (JVZOO, Payza, etc) and the solution that I currently use is Insta Member: http://www.trafficsalad.org/wordpress/wordpress-plugins/insta-member-review-killer-membership-software-4109/

      Insta Member is optional, so your investment with OP2 is just the license for it. http://www.trafficsalad.org/go/optimizepress

      P.S. If you are going to get OP2 via my affiliate link, I’ll throw in the Membership Templates (OP2 version) that I’m currently using on my site.
      See the bonus section of this post for more information.


    • Ryan Cruz says

      Yes, David they are all made for Optimize Press 2.0 – They are mobile/responsive design. Bonuses sent. Thanks for purchasing it via my affiliate links.

  8. Chris says

    Hi Ryan, Chris here.

    Thanks for your response.

    Ok, I’m almost convinced to buy it, but I would like to know if you are giving the four (now 9) bonus or just one that we have to pick it out?

  9. Chris says

    Bonuses received. Awesome!

    Ryan I’m interested in VOOPlayer. Any video features? Are you using it? How is working for you? Any example?


    • Ryan Cruz says

      Thanks for the purchase via my affiliate links. OP2 already has a video player, but with Vooplayer, you can prevent “leaks” of traffic to youtube with a banner overlay. I use Vooplayer for my membership sites. Check the Bonus video for an example of a Vooplayer embed.

  10. says

    Hello Ryan:
    I have two primary websites for my chiropractic practice. One uses Thesis theme (folsomchiropractor.net), the other a Genesis child theme for chiropractors(docbarger.com). I want to work on the Thesis theme site without the headache of learning Thesis. Would you advise me to purchase Genesis and Optimize Press 2 for the folsomchiropractor.net site? Also, can I use OP2 as a plugin with the docbarger.com site?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jim Barger

    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Jim,

      Personally, it was easier for me to use Genesis Theme + Optimize Press 2. This combination is what I use for almost all of my sites. With a few exception being on woothemes.

      Hope this helps. – Ryan

  11. says

    Hi Ryan,

    You note that OP2 doesn’t handle Facebook page tabs because of the secure socket layers issue. Is this fixed?

    BTW – I don’t think Leadpages does either as I reported it to them as a problem with their own FB page.

    I suspect this is something all the page generators will need to take on board.


    • Ryan Cruz says

      OP2 doesn’t handle Facebook tabs unless you install SSL to your domain. (about $12 per month). Leadpages works as a facebook custom tab for me. You’re just limited to 1 leadpages tab though.

  12. says

    Hi Ryan,
    I would like to ask you,
    I don’t have a website or a wordpress blog created yet. I’ve read you suggest to have install OP2 as a plugin, but can i use it as my main theme while i built my blog-website?… where can i read more about that on your blog?

    Another question, I am creating a 3 part video series as a freebie for people to sign in to my website, can i create this kind of pages? A page with the video content and the facebook plugin to leave comments…

    Looking forward to your response,

    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Ale,

      Yes, you can use Optimize Press 2 as a main theme for your website, but the problem with this is that the blog design layout of OP2 is limited (not to much design capabilities). If you just need a basic blog layout, you can use OP2 without buying another theme.

      With regards to the Freebie Video landing page, I have a template that can do that, my Video Sales Letter template (Check the bonuses on this page). Just add the facebook comments plugin and you’re good to go.

      If you’ve purchased OP2 via my affiliate links, I will give you access to all the bonuses on this page.

  13. says

    Hi Ryan, I notice that you said you were using the Genesis system for OptimizePress. Is there a specific reason?
    I am revamping my setup for a few sites and want to follow your lead in several areas. Is there a blog post that explains why you use Genesis, or is OptimizePress good on it’s own?

    Thanks in advance,
    Mark Kessler

    • Ryan Cruz says

      The Blog system in OP2 is not customized enough for me. With Genesis theme, I can easily change the layout into 2 sidebar columns just like what I currently have now in this site. I will try to elaborate this further in a future blog post.

  14. Dave says

    Hi Ryan, I have been looking through some different landing page services and most have some sort of visitor limitations… like 25,000 max visitors…

    Does OptimizePress have any sort of restrictions like this? Or can you simply use a landing page on any domain you want with as much traffic to it as you want? Thanks.

    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Dave,

      Optimizepress 2 is installed on your wordpress site as a plugin or theme. There are no limitations on the number of visitors, as long as your server can handle the traffic, you can use Optimize Press 2 pages. It’s not like hosted solutions like unbounce where the you page for each visitors on your landing page.

  15. riya says

    Hi Ryan,

    I have a web application that I would like to make available to only paid customers. Would the optimizepress plugin be a good solution for this need? I already have a website with the Genesis framework and if I understand correctly, I can use the Optimize Press plugin with the Genesis theme to create a login area on my site? If that be so, can the login page (the members area) be anywhere on the website and not necessarily on the homepage?

    To be clearer what I need to know is if I can use the Optimze Press plugin on my current Genesis website to create a members only section (that’s not on the homepage). The members only area will be able to host a web application, right?

    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Riya,

      I have a similar setup on this site. I have the Genesis theme as the wordpress theme and the Optimize Press 2 as a plugin. I’m able to create a membership only page in my site because of this, so yes, you will be able to create the membership pages with OP2.

  16. says

    Hi Ryan, I’ve been researching OP2 for a while, you’re the first person to mention that the new pages in OP2 are NOT optimized for Facebook tabs, so thank you for being honest about this.

    You mentioned that OP2 can be optimized but at a monthly cost. do you know what that amount is? and do you still prefer to use http://www.landingpages.com over this extra paid service from OP2?

    Thanks Paul

    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hi Paul,

      OP2 is a one time payment, the monthly cost would be if you joined their club membership. It’s low cost right now, but you can create your own templates with OP2. Getting the club membership (more templates) is about $20 per month. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Hope this helps.

  17. John says


    I’m about to start building a website and would like to use OP2 with that site. I’m debating about whether to use it as a theme or do it as a plugin with a different theme. I saw that you implied that Genesis framework may get better SEO and that may be the motivation for you to use it instead of the OP2 theme. However, it appears that you wrote this some time ago and that it has also been a while since you’ve gotten comments. I’m wondering if you were to be starting from scratch like I am, wanting to create a website for health services, both in-person and online classes and courses, what you would do with regards to the theme vs. plugin question. Thanks!


    • Ryan Cruz says

      Hey John,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m still using that combination. Optimize Press 2 Plugin then a different theme. For this site, traffic salad, I just recently used a one pager theme and so far I’m loving it. But for my niche sites, I’m still using a Genesis theme (Dynamik Child theme) and Optimize Press 2 combo. So yes, I would still go with this route. :)

  18. says

    Hello Ryan , I would like to get Op ..But i have a question , can I ad some members as users in my WordPress with the op ..like authors, then they can post about what ever they want

    • Ryan Cruz says

      I’m not sure what you meant. OP2 has a membership plugin if this is what you mean. Hope this helps!

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