I’m Revealing My Niche Website… but first…

www.JuicingDietWorks.comLately, I’m been wanting to always start a new niche website, and then reveal my results publicly. This will help me become accountable and at the same time learn from my mistakes and share my victories and failures with others as well. 

But I’ve always procrastinated. And I’ve always wanted to know how to prevent procrastinating until I’ve discovered that the best way to get the ball rolling and take action is to put something at stake.

And for my niche site duel 2.0 challenge, I’m putting my weight loss goals at stake.

Why? Because my niche site is about weight loss…

The weight loss niche is very competitive, but at the same time, it’s very lucrative.

Just do a google keyword tool search and you’ll see that there are thousands of search volumes for terms like:

  • weight loss
  • lose fat
  • how to lose weight

It seems that a lot of people wanted to lose weight and is having difficulty losing weight, including me

I’ve tried several types of weight loss programs, diet programs and all types of abs machines.

But I’ve failed in all of them…

I have never lost more than 5 lbs, and as soon as I’ve lost 5 lbs, I’ll be gaining more or twice what I’ve lost.

I was really feeling depressed, and told myself this is not working for me…

One day, I saw a movie in netflix titled Fat Loss, Sick and Nearly Dead. It was a documentary of a guy who went on Juicing for the next 60 days. His aim was to lose weight and regain back his life. At first, he was having a hard time doing this.

He was having headaches, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms. During this period, his body was detoxing and removing all the waste and toxins that have accumulated in his body.

But after experiencing these detox symptoms, he felt great overall.

He felt he had more energy, he had also started losing weight, and best of all, he noticed that his cravings for junk foods and unhealthy foods were diminishing.

He went on juicing fruits and vegetables for 60 days. There was a portion of the movie, where a truck driver was inspired of what he did, and he started juicing as well.

Both of them, had tremendous results. And I knew, it was something that I wanted to try.

And so, that was the reason my niche website is about weight loss by juicing fruits and vegetables.

But before I reveal my niche website url, I would like to first enumerate several reasons on why I chose this niche.

1. I chose this niche because I have a keen interest and passion to learn more about juicing.

2. I knew that there’s a market demand for juicing, juicing recipes, juicing diet and detoxifying methods, because of the search volumes that I’ve found from Google Keyword Tool.

juicing diet search volume

3. I knew that there’s a ton of monetization potential for this niche, because of the presence of several money making vehicles: (advertising, selling juicers, selling ebooks, selling recipes, selling courses, selling video training, selling coaching, personalized training, etc)

Amazon Juicing Books and Products Sold

4. I believe in Juicing. – I’m a big believer of being healthy but I’ve always struggled with losing weight.

If this is something that would work for me, then that is something that I would definitely love to share with my family, friends, relatives and other people. And that satisfaction of being able to help others struggle with their weight loss goals, would be more satisfying than money.

Now, that I’ve established my reason for doing this niche, I would then want to give a quick summary of How I Plan to create it in 5 Simple Steps.

1. Do Niche Research, Market Research, Keyword Analysis and Competitive Analysis (Both on SEO Side and PPC Sides)
2. Create the Website, Add Content, Use Video, Blog, then Audio (Podcast) to help bring more exposure to my site.
3. Start Building the Community, Engaging, Learning from others and asking what my target market wants.
4. Start Testing with Paid Advertising, Checking Analytics Data, and Optimization
5. Monetization strategies, Optimization and Increasing Conversions

That’s my 5 Simple Step by Step approach to Niche Site Marketing.

I tend to keep simple, but there’s definitely a lot of small details in each step.

If you’re a reader of Pat’s SPI blog and someone who joined the Niche Site Duel 2.0 challenge, you’ll notice that it’s not the same approach as his NSD 2.0.

One is I’m going to utilize paid advertising as much as possible to test, drive conversions before I focus on SEO.

This way, I will immediately know which keywords would convert the most (money keywords). Although you might have “hunches” on what your money keywords are, it’s always best to test it out.

Ok, here’s my niche website URL

www dot juicingdietworks dot com (I purposedly didn’t link to the URL to prevent getting a backlink from TrafficSalad)


And here’s my niche site.

It’s still a work in progress.

There will still be updates on the design, content and monetization strategies based on what I will be learning from my community and analytics.

As you can see, I already have 177 followers on Twitter (all highly targeted followers), 782 fans on facebook, and an email list.

For me, building a community is crucial not only for SEO (outreach link building) but for understanding what my target market needs.

One thing that really helps me with this niche is that I’m personally juicing. I will be adding before and after pictures on the website and  I know that this can help establish personality, credibility and connection with my readers.

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