My Leadpages Review – An Honest Feedback, Tutorial and Bonus

Is Leadpages® the Simplest and Easiest To Use Lead Generation Platform Today?

Find Out The Answer in this HONEST and UNBIASED Review of Leadpages...


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Product Name: Leadpages 

Creator: Clay Collins and his Leadpages Team

Uses: Lead Generation Platform with Built-in Split testing capabilities, Template Importer, Marketplace, SMS Messaging, Email integrations, Webinar Integrations, Lightning-Fast Servers, Facebook SSL Integration, 100% Mobile-Friendly Templates, Unlimited Traffic and Number of Domains, Easy to Understand Conversion Rate Stats and Analytics.

Pricing: $25 - $199 per month (Annual and Bi-Annual Pricing will help you save nearly 40%)

Summary: Leadpages is fast-becoming the Industry leader in Lead Generation Platform because of it's numerous advantages.

Though there's a couple of issues that would still need to be addressed if you want further customization on your leadpages.

Want to setup a sales funnel, optin funnel, webinar funnel and other types of digital marketing funnels QUICKLY?

How I Stumbled Across Leadpages...

I've been building websites and landing pages for a very long time, and recently I've been building "marketing funnels" or "sales funnels" to help me get more sales and leads for the online campaigns that I'm handling...

And I've used almost of the tools out there: Unbounce, Optimize Press 2, WordPress, Insta-Builder, Instapage, Clickfunnnels, Thrive Themes, 10 Minute Landing Pages, Megaphone, and a couple of buggy WordPress plugins that claims to build landing pages.

But nothing comes close to the using Leadpages, when it comes to ease of use and time saved when creating landing pages...

Why Did Leadpages Got a $27M VC Funding?

FACT: Leadpages received a $27 million Series B funding, led by Drive Capital and other Venture Capitalists…

Why would they get a multi-million dollar funding when there’s already tons of “Landing Page Software and Builders Out There?

It’s because of what they’ve focused the most for their users…

Leadpages’ unique selling proposition is that they’re tool is designed to help you get you more CONVERSIONS.


A higher conversion rate means more leads, more sales, more customers, more profits.

A win-win situation for Leadpages and it’s customers.

So, What are Conversions?

Why do CONVERSIONS matter so much for your online business?

I’m not talking about converting kilograms to pounds or Celsius to Fahrenheit. Nor is it about changing one’s religious belief to another…

Conversion is the single, most important metric to measure in your online business.

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  • A conversion can simply be a visitor who became an email subscriber on your website
  • It could also be a website visitor who registered for your webinar.
  • Or a visitor to your  sales page that converted into a sale.

A conversion is a way for you to measure an "Action" that people have taken on your website.

Whether that action is to subscribe, buy, share, like, or even a leave a comment. Of course, the ultimate conversion is when you turn a lead into a customer when they buy or purchase your products or services. 

Some people call these "real and tangible" conversions as "HARD conversions" while conversions like sharing an article, subscribing to an email list, or leaving a comment can be classified as "SOFT conversions". 

You'll usually find more "SOFT conversions" on your website than "HARD Conversions".

But research shows (multi-channel attribution), that repeated USER engagements on your website through "SOFT conversions" will eventually help with the "HARD Conversions" on your website (which is the purchase of your products and services).

Aside from conversions, you'll also want to consider and track "Conversion Rates".

Conversion Rates are simply the percentage of people who converted per 100 visitors.

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Here's an example of what I mean...

Let's say you have a Squeeze page or Optin Page designed to capture an email address like this:
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And I'll be driving traffic to this landing pages through Social media, SEO, Facebook, Paid Traffic, Blog posts, etc...

For every 100 visitors, you get 58 new subscribers to your email list.

That's a 58% Conversion rate = 58/100 x 100

​According to the industry average on conversion rates, a 58% conversion rate would be AWESOME.

Now, I'll take this conversion rate, and do some split-testing to figure out if I could increase those conversion rates. Even a bump of 5% in my conversion rate would mean 5 new subscribers with the same amount of traffic.

Here's the screenshot of the conversion rate of this Squeeze/Optin Page inside my Leadpages Dashboard (included for PRO Members)

This is why split-testing and conversion rates are very important for the success of your online business. It's IMPORTANT to attract more visitors to your website, but it's equally important to get MORE CONVERSIONS on your website.

How Can Leadpages Help With Conversion Rates?

This was a question that I've asked myself before, and I know that you might be wondering How Can Leadpages Help Improve Your Website's Conversion Rates?

Before I share my answers with you, I'd like to share some of the problems and challenges most people encounter when it comes to higher conversion rates:

Not a lot of people can create a beautiful, mobile-friendly landing pages and website.

And for most website owners, it's not FEASIBLE to hire someone and spend thousands of dollars in Graphic and Website Design.

You'll also want flexibility and the ability to quickly implement your ideas, so hiring a designer is definitely NOT the fastest option.

It's important that your website and landing page design GRABS your reader's attention.


Because according to research, we have less than 9 seconds to capture the attention of our readers.

And if they landed on your website and the design is terrible, guess what, they would leave immediately.

I've learned this the hard way, that's why I'm relying on a lot of Web design templates and landing pages with high conversion rates (BTW, Leadpages has a handy feature that allows you to sort their existing landing page templates according to conversion rates - they were able to do this by analyzing thousands of landing pages).

Leadpages Templates and Marketplace

When I saw the huge amount of READY-TO-USE templates inside the Leadpages membership area, I got excited to try them out.

There's probably more than 80+ templates inside Leadpages...

But there's also a Leadpages Marketplace wherein you can import, buy and use PREMIUM templates made by others for your own use.

And for ADVANCED ​Leadpages Users (the current level that I'm in), you'll be able to access the custom site importer as well.

The custom site importer will allow you to IMPORT any existing website or landing pages (that you own or designed) into your Leadpages account.

You will then be able to use this CUSTOM landing page within your Leadpages account.

This is one of the greatest features of using Leadpages, because this allows you to IMPORT any design for your landing pages or IMPORT your CURRENT look and feel of your websites.

Leadpages Speed & Hosting

Why it matters especially for SEO. SEO or Search engine optimization is one of the "holy grails" of internet marketing.

If you're ranking in Google for your keywords (just like this Leadpages review on the first page of Google), then you can expect that you'll get free traffic to your websites from the search engines...​

Advantages of Using Leadpages

  • It's easy to use - it's the easiest lead generation platform I've ever used. You will never need to touch a line of CODE.
  • It's fast - Leadpages files and pages are hosted in Lightning Speed, Google servers (top of the line) that can withstand huge amounts of traffic coming to these pages.
  • It's unlimited domains and unlimited traffic - Most lead gen platforms and web-based landing page tools LIMITS the traffic you can drive to these pages every month (because of server resources), Leadpages won't.
  • LeadDigits - You can now send SMS to your leads to remind them your upcoming event like a webinar.
  • Leadlinks - These allows your existing subscribers to "join another segment or another list" by just clicking a single-link. No need for re-entering their names and emails again. This is a very useful feature for people who would want to register to your NEW webinar even if they've already been a subscriber in your list.
  • Digital Asset Download Delivery or Leadmagnets - You can now use Leadpages to deliver your free reports (pdf files) immediately after they subscribe to your email list. 
  • SSL Pages for Facebook Integration - You can now quickly create custom tabs inside your Facebook Fanpages because Leadpages is 100% compatible with Facebook.
  • Tons of valuable Tutorials and Training included in your membership. If you're an Advanced user, you'll also get weekly coaching calls and phone support. This will help you implement Leadpages in your sites quickly.

Disadvantages of Using Leadpages

  • It's difficult to create your own Templates/Design within the Leadpages builder. You can eiter write code or Hire a Leadpages template developer to build a customized template for your online business. Contact me if you need help with a Custom Leadpages Template.
  • There is no way to prevent access to their pages even if you import these pages in WordPress. You can't create a password protected content pages just like what most people use in Membership sites.
  • You need to get the PRO or ADVANCED Subscription to make the most out of Leadpages. If you just get the Basic subscription, you'll be missing a lot of "conversion rate" boosting capabilities.
  • Leadpages can't help you drive or attract more traffic to your websites (but don't worry about traffic generation, because I got some cool "traffic generation" tactics in my Leadpages Bonuses.

Leadpages Pricing and Features

Leadpages is NOT the only Lead Gen Platform out there, so let me give you a quick comparison...

Leadpages VS Clickfunnels

We are really NOT comparing the same Lead Gen Platform with Leadpages and Clickfunnels. But the biggest differences between Clickfunnels and Leadpages will be the customization and features in Clickfunnels.

In Clickfunnels, customization can be done easily with their built-in landing page editor. You'll need to spend a little bit of time to learn how to use the software, but it's not that difficult.

With Clickfunnels, they've recently released Actionetics and Backpack in the Enterprise level. But for most website owners, it's a nice feature to have but it's not necessary. 

So Leadpages and Clickfunnels are two separate systems, and if you are looking for quick and easy to use lead-gen platform, Leadpages would be the way to go. But if you want more features, more "bells and whistles", and customization capabilities, then Clickfunnels would be a viable option.

Leadpages VS Unbounce

If you prefer Drag-and-Drop capabilities and TOTAL customization of your landing pages, then UNBOUNCE is the best way to go. But it's also NOT the quickest way to go. There's also limitations on traffic and a lot of the PRO features are only available on the $99/month level.

But when it comes to ease of use and getting your landing pages up and running quickly, then Leadpages is still the way to go.

For more complex designs, I'd go with Unbounce, but with MOST professional designs and templates, Leadpages is more than enough to do the job. 

The most powerful features that Leadpages has over Unbounce is the ability to provide Leadlinks, Leaddigits and Leadmagnets within the Leadpages platform.

Leadpages VS Optimize Press 2

Optimize Press used to be the "Leader" in landing page tools and software.

I remember my first sales page and membership site entirely built with Optimize Press. But today, there's tons of new Options out there. And although I'd love Optimize Press 2 for years, it's not hard to ignore that there are more powerful options today.

One of those options is Leadpages.

Although Optimize Press 2 has a lower price point ($97 for 3 sites with 1 year support), it's going to consume a lot of your time if you create your own templates with Optimize Press 2. That's why I'd recommend that you get the Optimize Press Club to get dozens of high-quality templates with your Optimize Press account.

If I want to create Membership sites and pages, I'll go with Optimize Press 2 or Thrive Themes (NEW and More Powerful).

But for all other landing pages, I'll go with Leadpages and not Optimize Press. It's just too time consuming to use, and for me, time is really much more important than a few dollars saved.​

Leadpages VS Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is the NEWEST set of Landing page and Lead Generation Tools made by Shane Melaugh. Shane is the co-founder of several internet marketing tools like SE-Cockpit, Thrive Leads, Hybrid Connect and more.

So I know that when it comes to conversions, he's really one of the experts out there.

And I'm blown away by the simplicity, functionality, and features of the Thrive Themes Set of Plugins.

I love it so much, that I'm revamping this entire site: TRAFFICSALAD to use the Thrive Themes plugins.

But before you try this, take note that Thrive Themes would only work with WordPress, unlike Leadpages wherein you can download the leadpages you've created as stand-alone HTML pages and upload them to your server.

Another disadvantage of Thrive Themes over Leadpages is that it doesn't have the Leadlinks, LeadDigits, and Leadmagnets features which are included in the PRO and ADVANCED subscriptions of Leadpages.​

Leadpages VS Wishpond

Wishpond has recently been in my radar after they've reached out to me via Linkedin.

And their pricing option looks very attractive. Even the free version allows you to have 200 leads. Marketing automation and Lead scoring are HUGE.

Other CRM tools and Lead Scoring tools are charging thousands of dollars for these features. Click here to try Wishpond and see if it's for you.

Leadpages integrates with marketing automation and CRM tools like Hubspot, Marketo and Salesforce. But Wishpond has it's own Marketing and Lead management tools, so it's something to think about.

My Leadpages Verdict

Leadpages has become a complete "Lead Generation" platform for a lot of marketers including myself. And for most website owners, the set of tools that Leadpages has to offer (LeadDigits, LeadMagnets, LeadLinks, A/B Split Testing) are more than enough to get you MORE CONVERSIONS to your website. 

But if you need further custom-designed templates and a lot of customization, you'll need to get another landing page tool or hire someone to develop these customized pages for you. Again, it's NOT a BIG ISSUE, but it's more of a personal preference.

Of course, the best way to get the best of BOTH worlds is to have someone (or design it yourself) a CUSTOM LANDING PAGE, import it on Leadpages using your CUSTOM IMPORTER (Advanced Users) and use all the Leadpages Features in your Custom designed Landing Page. Contact me if you need a Custom-Designed Leadpages Landing Page for Your Online Business.​

My Leadpages Bonuses

Want to try Leadpages? If you get it via my affiliate links, you'll also get these bonuses. Then send a support ticket and I'll send you these bonuses.

Simple, Easy To Use,
& Fast Lead Gen Platform

In just a few clicks, create a complete lead-gen funnel on your website.

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