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What I liked about Leadpages

  • Very easy and quick to use
  •  You’ll be able to create your landing pages in minutes compared with other landing pages solutions like Optimize Press 2, Insta Builder, etc.
  • Has Split Testing Capabilities, Can be used for your Facebook Custom Tab Landing pages (100% FB compatible).
  • Has Lead magnets which offers quick delivery of your digital downloads. Unlimited pages, Unlimited testing, and split testing features.
  • New Powerful Feature: Leadboxes 
  • NEW! – Leadlinks! – a powerful way to increase optin rates for your previous subscribers (more on this later)
  • NEW! – Facebook integration and templates! – this is a cool new feature for your website allowing you to collect verified facebook users instead of just email addresses.

What I didn’t liked about Leadpages

  • You cannot create your own Templates/design (Optimize Press 2 is best for customization). 
  • No membership pages, and can be quite expensive. 
  • But in order to get the most out of it, I’ve created a special bonus for Leadpages, check it out below) 

Why I Love Using Leadpages?

I’m using LeadPages when running Facebook marketing campaigns, and in all of my affiliate links right now.  I’m using for recapturing visitors in my 404 or error pages, my thank you pages, my video sales letter pages, and my welcome gates. This is really a quick and powerful landing page and split testing tool for online business owners. For my complete review of Leadpages, please read the article below.[/feature_box] If you want to get more email subscribers, generate more sales, and increase your online revenue, then you’ll want optimized landing pages…

Who Else Wants to Build Beautiful Landing Pages that Attracts more Leads and sales and doesn’t bore your readers to death

If you believe that beauty and technology doesn’t have to be complicated, then you’ll love this leadpages review. I’m going to show you how you can create beautiful sales pages, squeeze pages, video pages, webinar pages, even if you don’t have any technical skills… I first heard about Leadpages when I was looking for a way to build landing pages. I’ve realized that there are tons of other landing page solutions out there (unbounce, optimize press 2, instabuilder, kajabi, ten minute landing pages, and of course the good old fashioned hard coding them). I’m going to compare this landing page solution(Leadpages) with other solutions and let you decide whether this is something that would be useful for your online business or not.

Review: Powerful Ways to Use LeadPages

I’ve literally spent a huge amount of time on this review and using with leadpages so I’m pretty sure I’ve had enough experience to cover a lot of ground here.

Just in case you think I must have missed something or would like to ask me for anything else, please let me know in the comments or email me. I will be more than happy to answer your question you might have with Leadpages.

A Quick Overview of the Benefits of using Leadpages:

        • It’s very easy to use
        • You can create unlimited number of pages
        • Split testing is included
        • Beautiful designs and templates
        • NEW!Collect other data like phone number, address, etc…
        • Trusted brand and support. Newly funded by venture capitalists
        • You can create various landing pages like: 404 pages, welcome gates, squeeze pages, webinar pages, video sales letters, sales letters, thank you pages, presell pages, and more!
        • You can easily integrate these pages in Facebook. HTTPS pages included
        • NEW! – Leadmagnet – Digital product delivery option after subscribing
        • ALL pages are mobile ready! Works with Android, IOS, blackberry and mobile devices 
Whew! That’s a lot of problems solved for a blogger or online business owner like me.

Typically, what I use leadpages for is to create lead generation pages for my products and services that I sell. As a quick example, I used leadpages to test headlines and offers using the split testing option.

So here’s how I typically use Leadpages for my landing pages…

I open up leadpages, then created a new page. Instead of just choosing a landing page, I choose, split testing landing page.

Split testing is important because it allows me to test “assumptions” or “ideas”. For example, I want to split test which headline would result in more conversions, I can easily do that with the Split-testing feature of Leadpages (make sure you get the PRO version to get this feature).

I will then create my ORIGINAL or control landing page. This is my “main assumption” and my variations would be the ideas that I’d like to test against my Original version.

After creating your ORIGINAL Version, you can easily duplicate this page or create a variation landing page with a different template. I usually duplicate the original version and change the headlines, copy, ebook cover, call to action, etc to match my offer and purpose in my other variations.

  • Why Split Testing is Important?

    Split Testing is important to quickly maximize your conversions. If you are trying to test which headlines, copy and offer would resonate with your readers, you can quickly do this with split testing.

    You can also use Split testing to increase more sales or use it to build your email list much faster.

Building your email list is important in growing your business. It allows you to connect with your readers and fans anytime that you want.

But don’t over promote to them, build a relationship first before selling products and services to them. This might sound more complicated and technical but it shouldn’t be (I have a special bonus course that will make this process a lot easier to understand and implement).

Leadpages allows me to easily connect the leads I’ve collected to my email autoresponder (I use getresponse). Then from my getresponse account, they will receive emails from me (from my autoresponder series) that will run at a prescheduled time.

        • On day 1 they will get the free download and a welcome email.
        • On day 3, they will receive another email from me with a great tip that can help them solve a problem.
        • On day 5, another email, and so forth…. (if you don’t know how to create these series, don’t worry because I have a special bonus on this, check it out below)

This is the major reason you’ll want to use Leadpages, use it to build your email list and build relationships with your readers.

I’ve personally experienced that by using leadpages my email subscribers went up by 23 -32%. That’s a significant increase which means more subscribers and more potential profits for my business. Another thing that I liked with this landing page solution is that it allowed me to create these pages in less than a few minutes, 17 minutes and 32 seconds to be exact.

If I will be coding that manually, it would probably take me about 3-4 hours because of the designs (graphics and making it mobile responsive).

Leadpages is Not your typical landing page solution

One of the biggest limitations of sales pages (and landing pages in general) is that most are boring! Did you know that I’ve realized your blog posts are not the most important page on your website!

If you sell products and services, then your sales page is the most important page on your site.


Why? Because for me, sales pages brings in the money! If you can increase your sales page conversions from 1% to 2% then that’s 100% more revenue for your online business.

Many people spend a lot of time tweaking their social profiles, fanpages, blog posts, and spend little time on their sales pages. I personally think you should focus most of your time, and testing your sales pages because this is what brings in the sale for your online business.

But how do you create these sales pages? What are the best tweaks and types of sales pages that can boost conversions? Depending on the product or service that you sell, you’ll want to use different forms of media to appeal to different human modalities of learning. You can use text, audio, video and visual presentations to engage your readers and convert more of them into sales.

With Leadpages, you can easily create long sales pages, video sales pages, and short sales pages. But a feature that I love to use in these sales pages is called the “Magic button” feature.

  • The Magic Button feature...

    The “magic button” feature is a delayed button that shows on a specified time. This is important because you don’t want to promote the BUY now button without first providing value. There are many ways to provide value in sales pages, but what I found to have worked best is by creating Video sales Letters.

The “magic button” feature is a delayed button that shows on a specified time. This is important because you don’t want to promote the BUY now button without first providing value. There are many ways to provide value in sales pages, but what I found to have worked best is by creating Video sales Letters. I provide great content in my video first and then the magic button popups at a specified time. If people learned and liked your content (video) they are most likely to convert and buy whatever it is that you are selling. Of course, the key here is to provide great value by sharing valuable content first. After providing great value, they are more likely to engage and buy what you are promoting. This is the reason, magic buttons and sales pages works perfectly. If you want to learn more tips on how to create these highly converting sales pages, I have a cool bonus offer, that you’ll surely love.

How About Webinar pages using Leadpages?

Have you seen the default webinar landing pages of Gotowebinar? They are pretty generic, and testing shows that a beautiful landing page for your webinar registration pages can help you get more subscribers. Another reason I use leadpages for my Gotowebinar registration pages is that I can easily add these pages in Facebook. Because leadpages is 100% Facebook compatible, I don’t need to pay for separate SSL certificates which saves me about $10 per month or $120/year. That’s a lot of savings that I can reinvest for my online business.

New Leadpages Feature: Leadmagnets – What’s a Leadmagnet?

A leadmagnet is a feature that was recently added to leadpages, and it’s primary function is to provide an easy download solution for your digital products. Just upload your Digital file or “Leadmagnet” inside your leadpages control panel, and it will then be available to your optin pages. This saves you a lot of time because you don’t need to create separate landing and download pages for your digital products.

Another New Feature Added : Leadboxes

This is really another feature that I absolutely love. You can see an example by clicking here. Did you see the popup optin form? No more annoying popups.

Stats shows that popups work, but I’m really annoyed by them. But with Leadboxes, the popup only shows when a user clicks on your link, buy button or affiliate link.  You can still offer free updates and training (just like what I did in my affiliate links) in exchange of their email addresses.

So if by chance they didn’t buy the product I’m promoting, I can still connect with them at a later date. This is really a very powerful way of building my email list.

As such, I’ve started to rebuild my email list this way. It has become truly segmented and laser targeted to the specific needs of my readers. This strategy has boosted my optin rates by as much as 800%

So What’s Leadlinks? It’s an easy way to get your existing subscribers to optin to another campaign in your list. Let’s say you have a list of email subscribers interested in blogging, and you want them to sign-up for your webinar, they won’t need to fill out and enter their emails again. All they need to do is click on the link inside your email invite and it will pass their details to your other list. This process removes a redundant process that can negatively affect the number of people who signs up. I’m not currently using this one yet, but I will be in the near future!

What I Didn’t like About Leadpages?

I wish I would not have to say this, but of course, every product has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, it’s not a lot… Let’s start with the price of Leadpages. It’s currently sold at $477 annually, or $37 per month(standard) and $67 per month (PRO). The yearly option is probably the best deal. It’s an instant saving of 50%. And you’ll need the PRO account which has more features including the A/B split testing (a Must feature!), landing page course, access to the affiliate program, and ability to add your custom landing page templates. For most people, that’s a lot of money. So the first issue is the price. Fortunately, Clay’s team has created the monthly option for $37 or $67. It’s a great price to pay for a wonderful landing page solution. There is no free trial, but you have 30 days money back guarantee so the risk is really on the leadpages team. The other disadvantage that I would like to mention is it’s lack of ability to customize your landing pages further. You can’t add specific elements to your landing pages. If you want to further customize your landing pages and have full control of design control, then Optimize Press 2.0 is a better solution than Leadpages (although it would take more time to create in OP2). Read my complete review of Optimize press 2.0 if you would like to learn more

But for most people, the templates that are included in Leadpages is enough for most of their landing page needs. The templates are also optimized to convert, so it’s really a matter of creating your offer, copy, high quality products or services (This is the big challenge! Don’t worry I have something special for you below if you don’t know where to start or if you would want to maximize the use of Leadpages).

My Recommendation on Leadpages

Would I recommend Leadpages to a friend? Yes! This software has saved me a lot of time (and money) when it comes to creating my landing pages and promoting my products and services. For me, more time saved, is more money saved and more profits earned (fast deployment). Once I have my offer and copy, I can easily create beautiful landing pages, split test them and get more conversions (which equates into more leads and sales). But LeadPages is just a tool.

What’s missing is a guide that can help you get more leads and sales… This is why I’ve created this special bonus offer for people who would get leadpages via these links. Most people offer Bonuses for leadpages that will just distract you from achieving your main goal, which is to get more leads and turn them into sales. Instead, I’d like to offer your several bonuses that would “enhance” your leadpages purchase….

Here are the leadpages bonuses that you’ll get…

1. Video Sales Pages Conversion Magic – watch your sales/lead conversion skyrocket with this simple VSL guide. This is one of the strategies that I use in combination of long letter sales pages. 2. Email marketing Templates – Use these templates to create your autoresponder series. (images by placeit.net) 3. Bonus Video on How to Triple your Online Sales with Landing pages – This is a Special Video for my Personal coaching students. These strategies will teach you how to double or even triple your online income with the same amount of traffic.

Here’s how to Claim your Leadpages Bonuses

  • 1

    Clear your Browser Cookies

    In order for me to get credited with your Leadpages Purchase, you need to clear your browser cookies first. Just go to your browser settings -> clear history (all) You can search how to clear your cookies here http://www.aboutcookies.org/page-2

  • 2

    Click the BIG Button Below

    You’ll be taken to the Leadpages website with my affiliate link. Purchase Leadpages (monthly or yearly option). IMPT. You must click on the button below to get my bonuses. Thanks!

  • 3

    Save a screenshot of your receipt or transaction

    I will need it to verify that you’ve purchased Leadpages via my affiliate links. This will make sure that you will get the bonuses I’ve promised.

  • 4

    Use the Contact form below

    Complete the form below to claim your bonuses.

Claim your Bonus(es)

To get your Bonuses, please follow the steps above then enter upload a screenshot of your receipt/transaction details and fill out the form below. Your bonuses will be sent within 12-24 hours.
  • Please save a screenshot of your transaction number or receipt, then attach it here.


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    Do you do or know of anyone who does leadpages automation for clients?

    I personally dont have the time to do it myself and I dont want to have to pay to train someone as I would rather just outsource to a pro who can get me the best results possible.

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