How to Create a Landing Page That Will Get More Conversions

Landing Page 1

  • Did you Know?

    Did you know that about 97% of your visitors don’t take any action on your website. Yes, according to a Google research, most visitors are leaving your website without subscribing to your lists, contacting you for more information or buying your products. 

This study demonstrated the importance of developing a new model of conversion rate optimization, and creating landing pages that converts are critical to it’s success.

If you think that your blog posts are landing pages, then think again.

Relying on your blog to improve your conversions is simply not going to happen. Why? Because there are tons of distractions on a regular blog post…

  • The Navigation Menu
  • The Sidebar
  • The Footer Links
  • External links
  • and so on….

Because of these distractions, a different type of landing page is needed. A landing page that is designed to convert… (Watch this video to learn more about these types of landing pages)

But what do I do with my blog posts?

Personally, I’ve found out that the most effective way to boost conversions is to use Blog posts as “action baits”

What are Action Baits?

It’s a special term that I’ve coined to “entice” people to take action on my site.

Whenever I write a new article or blog post, I only want them to do 2 things.

1. Leave a comment on my blog post (for social proof). 

2. Subscribe to my Email List. Must have a compelling offer in order for people to take action.

Blog posts are informative articles that “compels” people to visit your landing pages.

And once they visit these landing pages, it’s designed to compel them to take action as much as possible. (Subscribe to your email list or buy your product).

But isn’t that the job of the Optin Form in my sidebar or after my blog posts?

The optin forms in the sidebar still works, but I’m testing a landing page optin form in a separate page. I’ve been seeing a lot of top blogs doing it and I’ve tested it on my sites as well.

Here’s how Copyblogger implemented this strategy on their new site: (They have a REGISTER TODAY button on their sidebar)

Sidebar Button

Once you click the REGISTER TODAY button, you’ll be redirected to their highly optimized Landing Page:

Copy Blogger Optin Form

Can you see the power of this landing page compared with a Sidebar OPTIN form?

This type of landing page will convert a lot better because you can include the following:

1. Benefit focused Headline

2. Beautiful Design

3. Relevant Video and Images

4. Compelling Bullet points

5. Trust Logos, Badges, Testimonials, etc

I’ve created my landing pages for Traffic Salad using Optimize Press 2.0

Here’s my favorite Squeeze page that I’ve created in less than 15 minutes. You can use Video and relevant images instead of the ebook cover. I’ve created my ebook cover using Photoshop actions, but you can also have an ebook cover created for you by hiring someone in Fiverr.

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Landing Page 1


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