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August 28, 2015

From: Ryan Cruz
Re: How to Launch Successful Blogs and Launch Your Online Presence


If you've never seen a screenshot of Google Analytics before, it's ok! The important thing that I wanted to share here are the dates and the traffic (sessions and pageviews) of just ONE of our blogs...

Yes, that's over 2,346,567 sessions (or users) who have visited this site alone in 2014.
This site had over 9,580,680 pageviews in 2014.
That's how popular this site is.

When you have people visiting your site, you can promote solutions (products and services) and make a full-time living online* (more on this later on)...

But first let me tell you something about myself, my wife and our online business...

We thought we were crazy to dream differently

And maybe we were...

You see, me and my wife has recently immigrated to Canada from the Philippines. New country, new immigrant status, new job, new careers, and new opportunities.

We came during the summer season, and we didn't realized that the competition for the job market, even the "survival jobs" were fierce.

And on top of of all of this, my wife is also 5 months pregnant when we first arrived...

Our family and friends has advised us that we should both look for work... and that by the time our son was born, he needs to be in day care starting when he is 1 year old.
We heard those advices and we knew that they meant well.

But it just didn't felt right for both of us, especially my wife...

She wanted to be at home, and take care of our son. We don't have anything against day care, but if there is another way wherein she can take care of our kids by herself, we'll do it, no matter how hard it takes.

And it was really difficult, especially at first...

We had to live on a one salary income...
We had to postpone luxuries.
We rented for years instead of buying a house.
We bought a second-hand car instead of buying brand new.

And there were many more sacrifices that we've made. But it was ALL worth it.

Instead of buying stuff, we were investing in ourselves.
We were investing in skills, knowledge and experience to build our online business.
And by the end of a year, we were making significant income.
Significant enough to match two day job salaries...

Life was good.

But it changed overnight...

When I woke up one morning and checked our daily stats and income, I've noticed a BIG DIVE in profits.

The first thing that I've checked were the daily traffic stats.
It went from thousands of visitors per day to less than 50 visitors per day!

What happened?

This was in 2012, when the first Penguin Algorithm update of Google was released (there were previous other algorithm updates before but our blogs were not affected).
Thousands of blogs lost traffic from the search engines (Google) overnight.
And lost traffic equates to loss revenue.

We were devastated, especially me.
I lost my confidence and I blamed myself.
I started on a downward spiral to depression.
I didn't want to start any blogs or do anything...

Thank God for my spouse...

She still had that dream of taking care of our son full time (we only had 1 back then) and be a stay at home mom.
But bills were starting to come in and our savings were starting to get depleted...
This is when she approached me about our online business again...
There were many types of businesses that we can start, but we both knew that an online business is what's in our hearts.

So we went back into the drawing board, and looked at where we have failed, areas we can improve, how we can be more efficient and become profitable...

I was still in self-pity mode, so I had little participation in reviving our online business.
It was my wife who was able to revive our online business and take it to the next level.

Then we've realized a crucial finding and discovery!

If we want to really build a successful blog and online business, we need to understand and focus on these 2 things...

Value and Location...

What we've found out was that most successful blogs provide MASSIVE VALUE and they've provide this value in the RIGHT LOCATION, at the RIGHT TIME.

Without the other, a new blog would most likely FAIL and NEVER take-off!

Let me give you a quick analogy...

We will all probably agree that golds and diamonds are valuable and they are worth a lot of money.

But let's say, you were trapped in the desert for days and you're dying of thirst and hunger...

Then a stranger comes along offering you to choose between a glass of cold water or a treasure chest full of gold and diamonds (I know this example sounds absurd, but I hope you got my point).

Would you choose the cold water to survive or choose the treasure chest but expire?

That might be an extreme example, but most often we see blogs that are just like that.

They offer great value but they are in the wrong location (or worse they have no location or online presence at all - so nobody knows about their great product & service).

Or maybe they have promotion and marketing campaigns, but they don't provide the right value to people, so nobody wants their products and services. Or maybe, they're just like "the gold and diamonds", they're precious, but they're not just needed or on top of your visitors mind.

Thank God my wife understands providing massive value and together we were able to find the best "locations" to position our blogs.

Ever since we've focused on providing MASSIVE VALUE to our readers and FOCUSING on the RIGHT LOCATIONS, we saw our traffic and profits increase exponentially!

Seriously, blogging is a very powerful tool...
If you want to open yourself to more blessings, seriously, I believe blogging is a great channel.

In 2014, one of our blogs has sold almost $300,000+ worth of Physical products via Amazon's affiliate program (I'll share more about this later)
In 2013, blogging has introduced me to new opportunities that I've never even dreamed of...
Ever since 2010, my wife has always been a stay-at-home mom and has never taken our sons to daycare (we now have 2 sons) because of our online business.

And I'm excited for what's going to happen in 2015!

I expect exponential growth in our blogging and online businesses.

But let me be honest, this MAY or MAY NOT be for you...

I almost quit.

But I'm glad I didn't. When I was down and depressed, my wife took our blogging and online business the next level.

You MAY or MAY NOT have the support that I had.

And to be honest, getting another job or requesting for an overtime is a LOT easier than starting a blog and building an online business.

You get paid by the hour and you get that immediate satisfaction of getting "Paid" two weeks after.
But blogging and building an online business is NOT like that. Far from it.

You'll spend many days and night without pay. Without getting that "immediate reward or gratification". As a disclaimer, it's possible that you might NEVER make any money, even a penny out of your blogging efforts.

NO ONE CAN Guarantee profits and earnings. No blogging guide can do that. Or else everyone would be rich.

We know this for sure.. because we've tried again and again.
We've been in the trenches.
We've made the mistakes.
We've made it our life long commitment.

This is NOT something that we treat like a hobby. This is our life and business. A business that we are preparing to pass on to our children...

Why are we sharing this?

Good question.

We want to give back.

And by doing this we believe that we can help one make the internet a better place (remember value and location?)

We have been blessed tremendously with our online businesses and we want others to take charge with working on their own blessings as well.

And we sincerely believe that blogging can be a huge channel of blessings to your life.

Blogging has helped us achieved the following:

Provided us with an additional source of income
Opened up several joint venture opportunities with some of the biggest names in our industries
Elevated my expertise in the internet marketing industry (By giving more, you actually receive more)
Opened up job opportunities, business opportunities and networking opportunities
Built the brand of our business
It's not that hard to get started. If you are interested in starting your own blog (highly recommended), you can follow these steps...

The 6 Major Steps You Need To Take If You
Want To Build Successful Blogs and Online Businesses

Step 6 : Delegate, Growth & Scaling


Once you're starting to see more traffic and earnings from your blog, it's now time to delegate, grow, and scale.

Trying to do it all, is the biggest "challenge" for an online entrepreneur like myself. I've struggled for it for many years. But I've learned that if I want to grow and scale my business, I have to learn how to delegate...

Step 5 : Monetization & "Expert" Status

By the time you're starting to attract more people to visit your website, there will be more opportunities to earn money from  your blog.

Here are just some of the monetization methods that others have done and what I've done as well. Sell other people's products, sell my own services, and sell advertising space...

Also, if you have been blogging about a certain "topic", it can also help elevate your "industry status" and you maybe viewed as an "expert" in your niche or industry.

Step 4 : Traffic Generation


Traffic is the bloodline of any online business. Without it, your blog and online business will not be able to compete online.

In this step, I'll discuss the bigger picture on how I approach traffic generation methods (and why what most "gurus" teach fail, and what's working for me right now).

Step 3 : Content Creation

Content is not just "written" content, it's any type of media (video, audio, ebooks, etc) that you use to communicate idea or information.

In this step, I'll discuss what type of "content" I'm writing and why. I'll also share several tactics that has helped me become a better "writer".

Step 2 : Build & Setup Your Blog


After you've done with Step 1, which is identifying your Market and Doing Keyword Research, it's now time to buy your domain name, setup WordPress and launch your blog.

Most people start with this step (buying a domain and setting up a blog) without doing market and keyword research. It's also the reason a lot of blogs fail because it has no solid foundation and marketing plan.

In this step, I'll discuss how to setup your blog properly for search engine optimization so that you can start attracting free traffic from the search engines. *This strategy alone has driven over 2 Million+ visitors to one of our newly launched blogs.

Step 1 : Market & Keyword Research


A lot of people who are starting a blog or online business, skip this crucial part. Don't do that because you might be entering a market that is "too" competitive, or a market that is "too narrow" that it doesn't have enough market demand.

In this step, I'll discuss the exact steps that I take every time I do market and keyword research. You can follow these steps to help identify profitable markets and keyword opportunities. I've also included several bonus "niche ideas" in this step.

Why are these steps in reverse order?

As a teenager, I was fond of reading the newspapers backwards. That is, I start at the last page and work my way towards the first page.

The way this worked for me is that I've realized it helped me get a *REAL overview of the entire news for that particular day.

I believe that by starting at the last step, you'll be able to measure up your expectations on the different challenges you'll face if you want to start blogging and build your online business.

As Stephen Covey says it in his book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, "Begin with the End in Mind"

I've also noticed before that most people don't even get past STEP 1 because they've already felt overwhelmed.

Without a clear picture of your goal and purpose, it's very easy to quit in blogging.

This is what my wife had in the first place, she had this clear picture of "wanting to be able to take care of our sons full time" and blogging just manifested itself to us because of her vision.

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