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The True story of an Emergency Room Nurse Who Went From Failure To Success with Online Marketing

It was May of 2010, when me and my wife (and soon to be born son) we're boarding a plane to Canada...

We were new immigrants looking forward to live a new life, new country, new experiences and without any guarantee.. .

Surely, it's both exciting and scary.

With no direct relatives and no jobs yet.​ We had great expectations and plans...

But my initial plan of being employed as a Registered Nurse didn't worked out.

Although I was an NCLEX-RN passer in the US, I've found out that it's not the same with Canada. 

I had to find another job....

And like any 'new immigrant' you must have ​been turned down because "you didn't have ANY Canadian experience".

It was heartbreaking.

Knowing that I needed to start earning soon as my wife is going to give birth in a few months and our "cash reserves" are quickly being depleted...

I remembered a CASE STUDY
that I've done before...

Back when I was teaching nursing subjects in College, I started a FREE blog experiment...

I started a nursing niche blog and this site grew popular. It ranked on the top of the search results.

This was my first SEO experiment.

I didn't knew it was SEO back then. So I reversed engineered everything I did, read a lot of books, Google's guidelines and consume everything about SEO to become an SEO Jedi.

​I told myself, what if instead of going the "registered nursing route", I'll follow this exciting world called, "Digital Marketing"?

Since then, I never looked back.

​Within a few months, after starting our very first niche sites, me and my wife broke 5 figures in online revenue...

​The skills I've developed and the marketing strategies that I've learned has also helped me worked as an SEO and PPC specialist in the biggest Digital marketing companies and clients here in Canada.

I asked myself what if there are more case studies and marketing strategies like these that could help get more traffic, sales, and high quality leads for your business?

  • Position Yourself as the Expert In Your Niche and Industry - Yes, you can do this!
  • Attract High Quality Leads Without Doing any Cold Calling - Yup, Customers will start reaching out to YOU!
  • Duplicate Yourself For Increased Income Yes, this is the only way to grow your income without getting another job or getting a higher raise
  • Have More Time To Do The Things You Love - Yes, Time is the ultimate equalizer. Spend it wisely.

My name is Ryan and I'm the co-founder of TrafficSalad.

At TrafficSalad, we reverse engineer, dozens of case studies and proven marketing strategies each year. Then I turned these strategies into a step-by-step system that you can duplicate in just a matter of minutes (not hours).

1. We'll do the research and tests. ​ - We'll spend time, money and effort on these.

2. You'll only GET the BEST STRATEGIES. Period.

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